Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Momma Actually Got a Few Minutes Off

                                        (Big sister Haven and her buddy Syhven)

                                            (Blixon and her buddy Hadassah)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Don't want to be so Plain

  Do you ever just wish to be someone else, even for just a day. Or maybe just be different??? I know I certainly do. Now don't get me wrong, I love my children and my husband more than life itself. It's just some days, I don't feel like taking care of goats and being so plain, or even homeschooling. Some days I just want to do my hair, put make-up on and get my nails done, maybe even get a pedicure ( never had one but sure wish I could) I love tattoo's and some days...some days I feel really spunky and think, hmmm maybe a tongue ring!
  Ha, NO I'm not going to get my tongue pierced, not that in my opinion there is anything wrong with that. Maybe I has split personalities, some days I want to be a crunchy hippie momma and others, others I feel like being a plain skirt wearing momma, and some a tom-boy in yoga pants in a t-shirt. I feel I have fallen into the mommy look, you know plain top-if not a nursing shirt, jeans or a skirt, tennis shoes or flats, no make up and  undone hair.
  I am thirty years old now. I have seven children and have been with my husband for eleven and a half years. You would think I would know by now who I am. Well, I know who I am. I am a God fearing wife and mother. But I look around and most women are. They just are. They have a style and rarely sway from it. Sure they may dress up or down on an occasion, but they are predictable. Not me. I am so bored right now. I really do not think I have found the true "look" for me. I feel in my heart I am a spunky fun, corky, off kind of dresser, yet in my head I want to be classy and sophisticated, yet we live in a small town on a farm, neither seem very practical. Not to mention the fact, despite what I may say, I do care how others perceive me and I am a Christian so no matter how "cool" I think tattoo's are I obviously wouldn't get covered in them (no I do not think anything is wrong with tattoo's I have some) but I don't want to walk into church and have people stare, or be out in public with my children, having people think, wow that woman needs to grow up! My husband  says "who cares what everyone thinks, wear what you want to, look how you want" sometimes I feel like it's just not that easy. I mean I don't want to walk around in revealing, skimpy clothes, just more me funky clothes.
  I wish I had a large amount of money and an entire weekend to myself, well maybe with my mom or a girlfriend to just shop. Just try on everything, I mean I rarely get to try on anything. I am always with all of the kids, so I just grab and go if it's on sale. I need an entire wardrobe for every day of the week
;-) Aah the life a  confused mother. Maybe someday.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Use Cloth Diapers

My first purchase of cloth diapers six years ago consisted of 24 unbleached diaper service prefolds and a few snappi's and Gerber plastic cover pants. Sure I had a couple of "fancy" covers to, but they were not used to often because of diaper blow-outs. I can't remember the exact moment that I decided to purchase them, but I know it was when I first got involved in being a Doula and in with the "homebirth" scene. Up until that point my kids had worn Luvs, and Huggies but mostly Pampers. After we switched to cloth, we often flip flopped back and forth from cloth to Seventh Generation.
With our next daughter I had found G-diapers, which were "cool" and all but I wasn't keen on the way they fastened, despite the "cool factor" I still think they are very cool looking. I started shopping at Whole Foods and found a disposable brand called Tushies. I loved them, they were all cotton with no chemicals. I figured they were the next best thing to cloth. I went back and forth between Tushies, Seventh Gen. and Cloth, but at least by now I had some even cuter covers (Thirsties mostly)!
Then came our seventh baby. I was still on the fence teetering between cloth and sposies. I think Syhven was about 6 months old when I got the "Fluff Fever" I was asked about Charlie Banana's (which I love) and I had to try them out. I then decided I needed more, due to the fact I had two little ones in diapers. So I bought some Bum Genius, Fuzzi-Bunz (which I don't personally care for)I spent about $500 on my new Fluff and I wanted more! I have tried fitted with covers, Flip and Oeko PoPo(which I love), and Grovia (which I love).
I was still using Sposies at night, out of fear of leakage, plus I had bought a case of Seventh Generation and figured I might as well use them. But I have not bought a disposable diaper since June of 2011, and I am pretty happy about that. We were spending $100 a month on diapers. Now I have the cost of my (Charlies soap and Bac-out)and that's it! Also, a little less than a month ago, I noticed we were almost out of sposies so I started using cloth at night. No leakage what so ever! I will be honest, some mornings they do stink a little like pee, but not every morning. I just thought I better save the sposies in case of diaper rash because creams are bad for cloth diapers. Why buy more when we have all we need already.
I know that alot of people don't want to have to "deal" with cloth diapers. Yes, it is extra work, yes I have to clean poo out of their diapers and wash and stuff their diapers, but it is totally worth it. And come on, there is not a disposable diaper on the market that can touch the "cute factor" of my Fluff! I had to buy some Baby Legs just so I could show off the Fluff. I know now how moms can become addicts :-) It's all an added benefit I can say that I am going green, but in all honesty that is only a small part of why I love Cloth Diapering! I hope to post a few reviews in the near future on my favorite cloth diapers and why they are my favorites, so stay tuned. and if you do not Love your diapers, you are not using the right diaper!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Princess Modest Swimwear, Review and Giveaway!

  I contacted Princess Modest Swimwear and asked if I could review one of their bathing suits and they were ever so kind as to not only review their bathing suits, but hold a Giveaway as well. On top of all of that anyone who would like to purchase a bathing suit can get 10% off! Use code 7Kids and you also get Free shipping-very cool, right.
 A little about Princess wear Princess Modest Swimwear was established in 2006 by Galia Peled, a religious woman living in Jerusalem. Galia is the mother of six, and a midwife by profession. Through her 22 years of experience in midwifery, she knows how to attend to the needs of women. Women have active life styles that include exercise and fun, and are not willing to compromise their principles or sense self dignity, as many feel that the “bikini” culture requires them to do.
Galia started Princess Modest Swimwear based on strong belief that women need options and that religious women of all faiths may desire to dress modestly while enjoying activities.
She herself longed to enjoy the beach and pool with her family, without being bogged down by soggy clothes or an overly revealing bathing suit. Galia has spent countless hours researching swimsuit fashion and fabrics, and surveying what women of different cultures, religions and ages really want. The result is a stylishly designed suit that you can actually swim in, now enjoyed by women around the world.
  My reason behind wanting to review a Princess suit is that in a bikini world my body simply does not need to be seen by any other than my husband! After my first pregnancy I had stretch marks all over, even on my legs. I have never fully lost all of that weight and five babies later I am where I am.
 The Princess wear covers me up in a way that I feel so much more comfortable.
                                                          (me in the pools showers)

  Now I know what some of you are thinking-that does not look like a bathing suit. Well let me tell you something, I felt more at ease in this bathing suit then I ever have in my entire life. My breasts were not falling out the top when I bent over, I was not trying to suck my belly in, I was not worried about who was looking at the backs of my ghostly white legs where my stretch marks are. I didn't worry about the bottoms riding up my behind as I climb out of the pool.
  Princess Modest Wear has got to be the most comfortable wearing suits I have ever worn. I could move around in it with ease in and out of the water. The material is so very soft. The light purple (lavender)material is that of a regular bathing suit and the darker purple is such a soft material that just wicks the water away. Not to mention the fact that I burn very easily and in my princess wear bathing suit I don't see myself getting burned like  usual. Praise God for that!
  I love this bathing suit, my only regret is not having found it earlier.
(this is the bodysuit style, with a built in shelf bra)
(the snaps, I actually left them unsnapped so that I could pull it up, under the tunic top, to nurse)
(the tunic top that is optional to wear, perfect for nursing under & hiding baby belly & of course just for extra modesty)
(the bottoms, with skirt-I left my panties on, but I would imagine you don't have to)

                                        (optional snaps to turn the skirt into shorts style)
I have been through alot of bathing suits in my time and I have to say this is by far my favorite. If it someday (which I doubt because it's made so well) gets to worn, I will most certainly buy another, because I don't ever want to wear another bathing suit other than a Princess Modest Swimwear! I would imagine that I could wear this bathing suit while doing other things as well, it is that comfortable and easy to wear. I will say that in my opinion for me it runs slightly small. I normally wear a large with breathing room and I have a large Princess wear and it is very snug. However it is still the most comfortable suit I have ever owned, I am just used to a suit slightly larger. So there again it is just a personal preference. But if you are on the larger size of the scale I would just go ahead and order up. If it were me. All and all I could not be happier with my bathing suit! Now on to the fun stuff, Princess Modest Swimwear bathing suits run for $107.00 (believe me completely worth it) however as I said earlier the wonderful people ;-) at Princess Modest Swimwear has offered one of my lucky readers a free bathing suit of their choice. Good luck I juts know you'll love your new Princess Modest Swimwear bathing suit.

Buy Here Princess Modest Swimwear
Or Enter to win a FREE Suit below using the rafflecopter


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Potty Training is on Hold, I Totally Gave Up for Now

I feel like a horrible mother. My hubby wanted me to potty train our little one in the summer, she seemed ok with it. That only lasted a couple of days, lol. However about three months ago she started actually asking to go potty, even while we were out shopping. She was doing so well. She rarely even wet at night. However we really never got the poo in the potty all to often. Then here recently she started peeing in her panties all the time. Now she doesn't  even want to put panties on she wants a diaper on and she doesn't want to go potty at all.

(yes that's her on the potty with a diaper on)

  I suppose it's totally my fault. I started out with a timer, and enlisting the help of two of my daughters. But Hadassah refuses to sit on the potty for them anymore. She fights me as well. Once she was doing fairly well I got lax with the timer and I shouldn't have. She is our sixth little one to potty train, she is two and a half, this shouldn't be happening. I feel just awful because I have did the BIG No No and caved, I allowed her to win and put her back in a cloth diaper purely out of laziness. I was tired of the pee panties and tired of fighting her and I gave up. Ugh, I just don't know if it's even worth pushing her at this point. Maybe in the summer. That sounds terrible. I need some fire under my bum to get the enthusiasm back I had at first, cause I am just not feeling it anymore. Have any of you ever caved and took a break from potty training? Or am I the only one?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Being Set Free by the Grace of God

  I have grown up with self esteem issues for just about all my life. When I was a teen I thought my only self worth was that of my body, what I had to offer a guy, in my appearance. And that was my downfall. I made more mistakes then I care to count. I gained 60 lbs when I was 17 and pregnant with my daughter. I had lost all of my friends because I chose my daughter over partying and so I didn't do much besides sit on my tushie in the air conditioned comfort of a recliner watching T.V.
   After I had my daughter, I felt my body was ruined. I of course never got back down to 120 lbs. I had stretch marks on ever limb of my body, from my breasts to my legs and I am talking all the way from my thighs to the backs of my knees-gross huh. My husband and I got married and he has been working on me ever since. I had heard several times to give it to God. How do I do that? I want to give it to God. I mean what woman wants to look at herself in the mirror with disgust! It affected my happiness, my husbands happiness and my marriage. I fought with dieting and exercising. I fluctuated in my weight and my appearance. I rarely found cloths that made me feel good. I think that's why I love being pregnant, its the only time I truly feel beautiful.
  I recently went through a Bible Study that had me taking large strides to letting go of all of my self esteem issues (by the way that was not what I thought the Bible Study would do for me, God is just like that) I gt my haircut, colored after 10 years of going natural. I started going to curves. Wouldn't ya know Satan decided to fight for me. He decided he was not ready to let go a gripped even harder. What did I do, I got obsessive loosing weight to the point of my 6 year old daughter jumping up and down at dinner and when asked, she said I need to loose weight I'm to fat (by the way she is a slim in pant size) I got obsessive about cutting the red out of my hair to the point of taking clippers with a 1 inch guard to my head. When I was through I looked at myself in the mirror and said Dear God what did I do! At that point I realized it was time to start letting go, no matter how hard. I mean I was damaging my daughters thoughts and with six girls I can't do that, and I was damaging myself.
  I was doing laundry one day when I thought I would start wearing skirts. Now this is not like me. Granted I have dresses and skirts and like to wear them on occasion but as an every day thing, not my cup of tea. But I once again threw all of myself into this new plan for me and my girls.
Now a few things you should know before I go on,
one: I do not see women heavier than me as fat, why I have issues with myself is more personal and I do not feel that a woman's weight makes her pretty or not pretty.
two: I do not look at wearing skirts as a way to make a woman more holy or better than the next. However my lovely husband thinks it is taking women back to prehistoric days if they always wear skirts and never put on pants, he doesn't care either way what I do but that's how he feels.
three: I do not hate myself and I am no depressed on an every day level, I am proud of where I am at in life and proud of the woman I have become.
I was in the kitchen staying busy with something when suddenly I felt a release. I have been questioning why I would be released from such a strong feeling so quickly, after all its only been two or three months of trying to convert me and six girls to all skirts. I have been very hesitant in my wearing pants again, out of fear I am hearing the wrong person telling me it's ok. I have talked to other women and I have prayed alot. The fact of the matter is  is I feel frumpy in most of my skirts, not all of them. I like wearing my new black jean skirt from The Skirt Site and a couple of others. But I have noticed that I am not so concerned with my appearance since putting on a skirt. I think that God put it on me to wear skirts to help me with my self image problems, without my knowing it.
  The moral of this story, well I am not exactly sure. I know that when dealing with something that hurts you, you cannot do it yourself. You need to give it to God, no matter how hard. You also need to be submissive to His voice, it will be rewarding to you and pleasing to Him. My husband has always been wonderful about paying me compliments and making me feel good and completely supportive. This is something that I need to work on with God and for now I had to share my story because I am very pleased with the Lord and how far I have come with His help just in the past few months. I know that this is not an over night cure and I know that this is something I will have to take up my cross on this one on a daily basis, but I now know that I can do, because I AM doing it!

Thank you God, may you help all women realize that we are made in Your image therefore we are all beautiful, no matter size nor color! Please continue to help me in my efforts of letting go.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Periods, a Part of Life, Talk to Your Children

When I was challenged by another blogging momma to write about periods, I thought hmmm, I can do this, then I thought naaa  I think I'll skip this one. I changed my mind again though and figured I would after all. Why because she was right, a period or ministration or a monthly cycle is just part of life. Why make it taboo as she said.
   I can remember in my fifth grade year starting my period right before going to school. I couldn't wait to share with my best friend. After all we both had older sisters and we knew a "little" something about it. I was excited to tell her, but she was the only one. I didn't really want to tell anyone, my mom, my sisters, my teachers, no one else. I can remember sneaking into the teachers bathroom and stealing pads every month because I hadn't told my mom just yet. I of course ended up telling my mom and it was embarrassing but she was very cool about it.
  That being said, I wanted my children to think of it as no big deal, just a part of life. When I had 5 young children and went to the store during my period, well there was only so much room even in the handicapped bathrooms. They were told to turn around but they were still curious about the crinkling sound. So I told them. It was just the easier thing to do. my so knew all about by the time he was 4 years old. I would like to think his future wife will thank me someday. My husband is great about it as well, he doesn't get embarrassed or act grossed out. I mean he is very mature about it and also tends to act as if it's just not a big deal.
  I have one son-the oldest and six girls, periods have to be part of the norm in this house. Being ashamed or embarrassed is just out of the question. I remember my girls wanting to, or coming to me saying they think they had started, of course they hadn't though. When my oldest did, she came to me privately and we had "a moment" then life resumed as usual. I still have not got her in the habit of jotting it down, but she will get there.
  Now, I know, when we were all young it was tampax and always, stayfree and such. However I do want to let all of those brave women who read this, that our vaginal area is one of the most absorbant part on our body. All of the typical brands have harsh chemicals in them. So when I thought about my girls being on their period i opted to use Seventh Generation pantyliners & pads. Yes they sell tampons as well. Also for you cloth diaper lovers ( I use C.D.) there are washable, reusable pantyliners & pads even insertable diva cups rather than tampons, Glad Rags being a huge name. Anyway I just wanted to share that bit of info as well.
  So the moral of all of this, Moms talk to your kids, daughters and sons. Don't make a period a bad, embarrassing thing, it just is and always will be part of every girls life. I would much rather them being ok with all of this and hear it from me then being scared or taken by surprise or told by someone else.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Modest Middle-A Product I Love for Nursing

I found an Awsome new product I wanted to share with all of you nursing and pregnanct momma's.

Modest Middles
From the start of my nursing career, that has been one thing I do not enjoy about nursing. That is pulling my top up and showing my (very unpleasant to look at) belly. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I have tried plenty of things, all which are fine on their own. From nursing shaw's which really don't cover your sides, to nursing tops which usually are not very flattering or are expensive. The Modest Middle changes everything! I can wear a Modest Middle and still wear my everyday tops from before I was pregnant. I love that!

The black Modest Middle I have on here shows nothing! I can wear any nursing bra I want, because the Modest Middle wears underneath my bra in the front, but like a tank in the back with spaghetti straps. When I first got it I thought maybe it might be comfortable under my breasts, but no, not at all. I completely forgot I even had it on. It is that comfortable.
here is a picture I stole from the website to show how it fits

How to put MM bra strap on inside for tanks. I just can't say enough. The Modest Middle was super comfortable and it comes in several colors, white, nude, grey or black so you can have them to match your cloths. I am always on the look out for things that help make parenting more easy. Nursing is a MUST for me, for so many wonderful reasons and the Modest Middle makes nursing so much easier. No need to buy special tops or shaw's or anything. Put a Modest Middle on and any of your regular tops and on you go, I can nurse in public, church at home anywhere and now I feel comfortable doing so. I know I already said it but I love love love the Modest Middle. Just one of the many products I only wish I would have had earlier on.
Here are a couple of pics of Amy  the owner/designer/mom of 6
I can not recommend Modest Middle enough. Go check it out, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!


Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Food We Eat

I can remember when I was a teenager and all I ate was pizza rolls and microwavable pizza. Gone are those days, right. Then after I had Haven and it was just she and I, my diet changed a bit. I didn't cook much though, being it was just for me. When I got with Jamie I had to start cooking meals for he and I and soon for our two little ones. I still didn't cook very healthy. It was alot of hamburger helper, chicken voila and things like that. See I didn't like to cook and I still don't!
When I became a Doula I did start changing our diets a little bit. But it wasn't until I met Becky (midwife and spiritual mom) she really helped open my eyes and point me in the right direction. I found some great stores to shop at, whole foods, trader joe's and we even found organic foods at bent & dent stores (which by the way I miss so much) and Kroger even began selling alot of organic and natural foods. We really changed our diets for the better. I mean, do you know what kind of "junk" is in the milk that you drink everyday, it's disgusting! Most of the "so called foods" we put into our body are more toxic then nutritional. I mean no wonder our country is obese and disease ridden. I have read that it's something like 1 pear of 50 years ago would have the nutritional value as about 34 or something. I mean what are we allow them to do to our food. And Corn, my goodness this mycotoxin infested grain (not vegetable by the way) is in everything! Oh and corn syrup is NOT sugar! There is a documentary called King Corn I highly suggest it. And Super Size Me is a good one, having to do with fast food-McDonalds in particular.
When Gala got sick we went to an Anti-Fungal diet for quite awhile. Meaning no sugar at all, no pasta's, no breads no corn, pretty much just meat-organic or all natural, vegetables, and eggs, organic dairy products, with local fresh cow milk-try finding that around, ha the government, supposedly wanting to protect us has for bid us to buy fresh milk! That makes no sense to me, I mean who are they to tell me I can't drink milk from a cow because it wasn't ruined by the dairy companies! Now since Gala's being sick we have gotten off this diet a bit. But it wasn't until we moved to our place now that it has gotten this bad. :-(
I can remember when we first moved here and we figured, well it won't be so bad. We can drive to Columbus once a month and Zanesville whenever we need to grocery shop. See our town has a Kroger (probably one of the first ever made, and yet to update, I'm talking barely fitting carts down the isles) The Kroger here in town barely has anything healthy but I do try. We have not been to Columbus to a Whole Foods in close to a year I am so extremely sad to say, and Zanesville, well I try to go once a month and stock up on as much as I can. But we used to be able to do more with two refrigerators and now we only have one. I find myself more and more running to this Kroger, giving in the pleas for candy and cakes. I find our dinners, which were not really out of the ordinary, just organic have now switched to, "well at least it's not boxed" I will tell you it's amazing how easy it is to crave the "junk" to!
I need to get back on track, Columbus or not. I can see the difference in the kids' behaviors and all of our health, it's simply not as good. I have been buying Syhven organic baby food, but to be honest by they time the other kids were a year old they were at least tasting table food, but most of ours I am to afraid to put into her body. I just wish it were easier living here and having a healthier diet. I mean how much chemical pesticide or preservative did they spray in those apples just for them to make it here? It's almost not worth eating them with all of the bad stuff that's in them or on them, but yes we still eat them. It's so hard. It should be easier and cheaper to buy the healthy stuff, not easier and cheaper to buy and eat the Genetically Modified or Engineered foods, all of the hydrogenated and fried "junk" that's killing us, but hey we will all be so preserved that we won't need to be embalmed at this rate. Ugh anyway...
I still detest cooking, so I need fast and easy recipes. I have a large family so it can't be these dinners for 4, It can't be the kinds of dinners that call for special ingredients that is hard to find. I am just so stuck in a rut with the same old things I have perfected and am comfortable with. I would love to hear from anyone on what kinds of dinners they have!