Thursday, February 9, 2012

Modest Middle-A Product I Love for Nursing

I found an Awsome new product I wanted to share with all of you nursing and pregnanct momma's.

Modest Middles
From the start of my nursing career, that has been one thing I do not enjoy about nursing. That is pulling my top up and showing my (very unpleasant to look at) belly. It made me feel very uncomfortable. I have tried plenty of things, all which are fine on their own. From nursing shaw's which really don't cover your sides, to nursing tops which usually are not very flattering or are expensive. The Modest Middle changes everything! I can wear a Modest Middle and still wear my everyday tops from before I was pregnant. I love that!

The black Modest Middle I have on here shows nothing! I can wear any nursing bra I want, because the Modest Middle wears underneath my bra in the front, but like a tank in the back with spaghetti straps. When I first got it I thought maybe it might be comfortable under my breasts, but no, not at all. I completely forgot I even had it on. It is that comfortable.
here is a picture I stole from the website to show how it fits

How to put MM bra strap on inside for tanks. I just can't say enough. The Modest Middle was super comfortable and it comes in several colors, white, nude, grey or black so you can have them to match your cloths. I am always on the look out for things that help make parenting more easy. Nursing is a MUST for me, for so many wonderful reasons and the Modest Middle makes nursing so much easier. No need to buy special tops or shaw's or anything. Put a Modest Middle on and any of your regular tops and on you go, I can nurse in public, church at home anywhere and now I feel comfortable doing so. I know I already said it but I love love love the Modest Middle. Just one of the many products I only wish I would have had earlier on.
Here are a couple of pics of Amy  the owner/designer/mom of 6
I can not recommend Modest Middle enough. Go check it out, I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do!



  1. Man! Wish I had these when I was nursing! (I miss those days).. :(
    What a great idea!

  2. Wish I had that when I was nursing!

  3. That's a great product! Wish they'd had that when I was nursing.

    And by the way.... seven kids!!! I came from a family of seven, including my parents, and I thought THAT was a busy household! :D

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  4. Hi found you on follow linkey hop great blog following GFC TOO great review never heard of these before looks comfy too

  5. Oh wow... how neat! I so wish I had known about these when I was nursing my kids! I remember feeling SOOO awkward about showing my belly! I even bought a "nursing tube top" thing that was supposed to be similar to this idea, but it didn't have any straps and so it didn't stay up. It would wiggle its way down until it was bunched up around my middle and very uncomfortable.

    This is a genius product, and I love the name. Very appropriate! (Although I had to laugh at the picture from the website that supposedly shows how it fits... because no woman who has just given birth looks like that, so it's really not that accurate of a representation! LOL But at least we can get the idea.)

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    Smiles, Jenn @Misadventures in Motherhood

  6. What a great idea!!

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    Also, my best friend is nursing her 7th child right now and I just had to send her the link to your post! She would love the Modest Middle! Thanks for reviewing it!

  8. that is a great product. i wish i had known about it when i was nursing my boys. I would have nursed more comfortably in public. Sharing this with a nursing friend. new follower from make my morning blog hop. would love the follow back.