Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My First Drop Card

I have always been against Abortion. I know that a lot of people do not agree with my beliefs, but I do not agree with theirs! I feel that ALL life was created by God! That means that regardless of how that life was brought into being, I feel it is precious from the moment the sperm joins with the egg. I believe abortion is murder from the start of pregnancy and I feel it should be banned. I found a group that feels this same way about abortion-Abolish Human Abortion. I want to support AHA and help spread the word.

  AHA has a website. They sell these little cards, called drop cards. They are the size of business cards, with valuable messages on them about abortion and the sanctity of life.
  I bought a couple of shirts and several packs of drop cards. I made my first drop on Christmas Eve at a local grocery. I am excited to be a part of Abolish Human Abortion!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why Anti-fungal/Phase 1 Diet Lifestyle Change

  Several of you wonderful ladies have written to me, asking me about our lifestyle change, aka diet. The Antifungal/Phase 1 diet-Doug Kauffman has proven to me and millions of others that fungal infections are the cause of so many debilitating diseases from cancer to depression to so much more!
   I wanted to share some things on what we have done to become healthier, which in turn has caused my husband and myself loose over 30lbs each.
This picture was taken a few months after I had Orchid. However This shows me at my average weight for the last, gee I don't know how many years. I can remember feeling guilty for fibbing to the BMV. I wanted my license to say 145 rather then 150 something.
This picture, despite it not being a very good picture, shows me about a week ago. My scale ranges between 122 (which I just can not believe) and 124 (which I also can not believe)
Not only have I lost over 30 lbs but about three months into our change, I noticed my eyesight getting better. We were watching television and suddenly it hit me. I told my husband "I can read that." It was simply words on the TV, but I would not have been able to read it previously. I have suffered with roseacia ever since my first daughter, fourteen years ago. Now my face is a healthy pink, not sunburn red! And I am not continuously broke out, as if I were a teenager, ugh I loathe pimples. I have more energy and I just plain out feel better. Has our family gotten a cold, yes, some of them have. However pneumonia has been going around in our area and Praise God no one in our family has gotten that!
 So where and why did we change our dietary lifestyle, three words...
Years ago when Gala was sick we had been watching Doug Kauffman on Know The Cause. We changed much of our eating for a brief time. We didn't stay with it. Figuring as long as we eat organic, then we will be ok. I don't remember what sparked my husband to want to change six years later, but thank God he did. We started watching Know The Cause again on CTN. We ordered Doug's cookbooks, and the very next month, we completely took sugars and grains out of our diet. This was very very hard the first month. I went through a bad detox, dizziness, nausea migraine the whole thing. But I will be the first to admit I was a sugar addict! A friend asked if I would consider us Paleo. I had no idea what that was. I soon ordered a boatload of books from the library-Paleo cookbooks. We fell in love! I do not agree with the whole evolutionary stuff Paleo people preach, but hey I can snag their recipes right? Paleo recipes can include mushrooms (a HUGE no no) and chocolate chips (no no) they also use coconut milk rather we use raw milk milk.
Since then I have enjoyed cooking, something I really never did in the past. And our oldest daughter has taken a liking so much, she is considering Culinary Arts for School. Which I am thrilled about, because there is a school within an hour of us offering culinary arts.
Yes we even get to enjoy yummy things like Apple Dumplings and more. Honestly we eat more deserts now then we ever did ;-)
 Check out www.knowthecause.com
click on the getting started tab
that will explain more of the specifics on the Antifungal diet we are on. Yes, we eat more fruit then he mentions and we eat more beans-which are phase 2 and we drink raw cows milk, ecause our goats are not in milk and we just can't afford as much coccnut milk as it would take for our family, but other then that I think we are pretty strict Phase 1

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A little bit of CHRISTmas

While we put the utmost importance on the Most High King during the Christmas season, we do enjoy decorating and gift giving. We do not promote Santa (we do not want to lie to our children)

Orchid enjoyed her first CHRISTmas

Syhven was so thrilled with every gift she received, it was darling.

Hadassah enjoyed a completely sugar free grain free dinner!
The girls enjoyed everything but clean up ;-)
Jakob didn't take off his hoodie for two days-success

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

8 months later

It feels like it has been forever since I have written. I have been missing it. We have just been so busy. So much has happen.
 In August we went on the phase 1 Diet aka Anti fungal. We are feeling great and my husband has lost 30lbs and I have went from 159 down to 124! I am pre 1st pregnancy weight now, and needing a good shopping day ;-)
                                I know it's a terrible picture, but you get the point.
Our daughter got baptised Praise God!

 So did my father-in-law Praise God!
Our oldest daughter seems to have grown a lot. I think her interest in helping with the baby has added responsibility that has really matured her.

Our little one is growing into a little big girl who is now starting to crawl around

 Our eleven year old has really taken an interest in doing hair and she is fabulous at it, and boy am I loving it.

Daddy made a deal with our 4 year old if she stopped sucking her bottom lip, he would get her a kitten. Which is huge because he is not a cat person. Well thirty days later we had a new kitten. and then a couple of weeks later I went to the grocery store and literally picked up another kitten IN the check out line in the store.

 I talked my husband into goats again

  As well as alpacas
And even a pig

 All of our kids "other than the baby of course" played soccer and all of them went to the championships (other then the pre-k's) and our sons team took 1st place!

 I signed up to be a Designer now for Origami Owl. Me the somewhat shy one, selling Thirty~One and Origami Owl. I think what I would truly love to do is open a Healthy Living Store. I simply would not know where to start though.
Things are finally starting to settle down now thankfully. We are in desperate need of a real routine. Its been far to long. I look forward to being home more, cozy and warm this winter.