Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why I Use Cloth Diapers

My first purchase of cloth diapers six years ago consisted of 24 unbleached diaper service prefolds and a few snappi's and Gerber plastic cover pants. Sure I had a couple of "fancy" covers to, but they were not used to often because of diaper blow-outs. I can't remember the exact moment that I decided to purchase them, but I know it was when I first got involved in being a Doula and in with the "homebirth" scene. Up until that point my kids had worn Luvs, and Huggies but mostly Pampers. After we switched to cloth, we often flip flopped back and forth from cloth to Seventh Generation.
With our next daughter I had found G-diapers, which were "cool" and all but I wasn't keen on the way they fastened, despite the "cool factor" I still think they are very cool looking. I started shopping at Whole Foods and found a disposable brand called Tushies. I loved them, they were all cotton with no chemicals. I figured they were the next best thing to cloth. I went back and forth between Tushies, Seventh Gen. and Cloth, but at least by now I had some even cuter covers (Thirsties mostly)!
Then came our seventh baby. I was still on the fence teetering between cloth and sposies. I think Syhven was about 6 months old when I got the "Fluff Fever" I was asked about Charlie Banana's (which I love) and I had to try them out. I then decided I needed more, due to the fact I had two little ones in diapers. So I bought some Bum Genius, Fuzzi-Bunz (which I don't personally care for)I spent about $500 on my new Fluff and I wanted more! I have tried fitted with covers, Flip and Oeko PoPo(which I love), and Grovia (which I love).
I was still using Sposies at night, out of fear of leakage, plus I had bought a case of Seventh Generation and figured I might as well use them. But I have not bought a disposable diaper since June of 2011, and I am pretty happy about that. We were spending $100 a month on diapers. Now I have the cost of my (Charlies soap and Bac-out)and that's it! Also, a little less than a month ago, I noticed we were almost out of sposies so I started using cloth at night. No leakage what so ever! I will be honest, some mornings they do stink a little like pee, but not every morning. I just thought I better save the sposies in case of diaper rash because creams are bad for cloth diapers. Why buy more when we have all we need already.
I know that alot of people don't want to have to "deal" with cloth diapers. Yes, it is extra work, yes I have to clean poo out of their diapers and wash and stuff their diapers, but it is totally worth it. And come on, there is not a disposable diaper on the market that can touch the "cute factor" of my Fluff! I had to buy some Baby Legs just so I could show off the Fluff. I know now how moms can become addicts :-) It's all an added benefit I can say that I am going green, but in all honesty that is only a small part of why I love Cloth Diapering! I hope to post a few reviews in the near future on my favorite cloth diapers and why they are my favorites, so stay tuned. and if you do not Love your diapers, you are not using the right diaper!


  1. I love cloth diapering. I don't care much for fuzzibunz either but they are my hubby's favorite so I can't get rid of them. :-)

  2. Cloth diapers very essential for every little one and it's lot of benefits so that's why people give more preference to cloth diapers. Thanks for share info about cloth diapers.

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  3. I'm still trying to consider cloth diapers. Thanks for sharing this with us, guess it will give me a change of mind..
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  4. LOVE cloth! have used them for 10 years on 5 kids. i do use disposables lately at night and all the time actually for our 2-year-old because I get sick of the leaks of an older kid ... i use motherease and pee leaks through the cover and that means like 5 clothing changes a day, which is too much to deal with homeschooling and having a traveling husband ... whine whine! love your blog!

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  6. I am excited to see your review of cloth diapers. I have yet to find a cloth diaper I love but I have only tried a couple.

  7. I know you are so right about the diapers but even though I do care about our planet and I do take major steps to care for it, diapers isn't one of them! As far as cost of diapers I only pay $40 bucks a month because I buy Target diapers. ;) I actually think cloth diapers are soooo cute too. I really don't mind doing cloth, it's not as hard as people think, I just haven't taken the steps to buy a bunch since they can be kind of costly.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! :D

  8. Thanks so much for all of the great feedback! I love Cloth! I understand the start up cost seems like alot but in the long run it's totally worth it. Plus if you get hit with hard times you don't have to worry about buying diapers.

  9. Thanks so much for the info about cloth diapers. I really want to use them when I have my baby in Sept. I would love for you to follow me back via Linky Followers! I;m your newest follower! :)