Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing Twiggy, our first doeling of the year

Hadassah loves visiting her little new goat Twiggy

Twiggy will not be without attention with Blixon around

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kidding Season Has Begun at The Elkins Homestead

I am not certain as to how often I will be posting for about a month or so. I have started back with school with the kids after a very quickly 3 weeks off (I can't stand school-I know I am an awful homeschooling momma) ANyway the exciting new is that our goats have begun to Kid! One of our young goats Pretzel had a beautiful little doeling yesterday out in the woods, yes we had to carry her down the hill with mom Pretzel following close behind. There are several other goats showing signs, so I locked them in about 1 acre area (their barn area) so that I could keep close watch. I am a midwife at heart and have not been able to practice midwifery the past 3 years so I am itching for birth and for now these lovely girls of mine are filling in for human momma's :-) If I didn't have a little one only a year old I would just sit outside and watch them all day. I can't wait for the next birth, I do hope I get to be there for the rest of them.
   post pics soon

Winner of Biblical Garden Pareo

Congratulations to Erin Rosfeld for winning the Biblical Garden Pareo, by leaving a blog post :-)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Winner of the Baby K'Tan Carrier

Congratulations to Jamie Meriwether for winning the Baby K'Tan Carrier for following Baby K'Tan on twitter! We know you will love wearing your baby in your Baby K'Tan!

One year ago tomorrow, Syhven's Birth Story

                                          Syhven Jaklyn

                (Becky spiritual mom & midwife, daddy, Syhven, sister Blixon & sister Haven)
 It was March 24th 2011 and I was just a week away from my due date. I was taking our other six children to Zanesville (40min. away) to get all of the shopping done before the baby came. I always go over but I figured that with all of the practice contractions I had been having I would get everything ready. I had a pain in my left side almost the entire drive but I thought that once I got out of the van and stretched, I would walk it out. Only that was not at all what happened...
  The kids had to use the bathroom before shopping, so we headed back to the back of Walmart. By the time we reached the bathroom I was in agony. Ithought  maybe I had to go as well. I tried and couldn't and went to stand up and started vomiting. I called my husband and he told me to go across the street to the hospital. Now I have my babies at home so this was not what I was wanting at all. And of course I knew that something was not right because the pain was not contractions. So I hobbled my way to the van and we went to the hospital. I got to the maternity floor, and do know, not one person asked if I was bleeding at all. I find that very strange. By the time they had me all hooked up and had checked me (I was at a 5) my husband got there. The mysterious pain had also gone away. So my husband asked if I wanted to have the baby there, knowing I did not, he said lets go. The hospital was very unhappy.
  So on our way home he persuaded me to call "everyone" I kept telling him I didn't think it was really time. But he insisted because the last one came so quickly and I was already at a 5. So we came home and set the birth pool up. His mom & step dad came and his dad and step mom came and my spiritual mom and midwife came. I had contractions off and on but nothing I would consider "it's time" However everyone was there...
  I felt like I needed to have the baby that day, as to not let everyone down because they drove so far. I know, I should know better, but that's me. The midwife had not intended staying the night, we weren't sure she would even make it in time. However by the nights end I had been in and out of the birth pool, Ihad tried some pressure points. I have to admit it though with people there, it was very distracting. I tried to put my mind in "labor" but if I had not went to the hospital no one would have been called. I would have just figured I was getting ready. I started and stopped that whole day and into the evening. His dad and step mom left due to work. I tried staying up to try to labor, but I did lay down for several hours and slept.
 The next morning we tried some herbs and walking the stairs. I had been complete for hours but still, baby was high and I wasn't really feeling like I was even in true labor (which leads me to believe I probably would have been complete for several days & I probably was with my last). The midwife and I talked about driving to Columbus, because there was a chance something was going on to keep me in prolonged labor (my last was 90 min) but we gave it a little more time.
  Finally I got a good strong contraction. One that I would have picked up the phone and called somebody! The midwife and I were both praising God during my moaning, while she was squeezing my hips (something I had done to many moms, but never had done to me) I can't believe how much of a pain killer hip squeezes are. I wanted to have another water birth, they are so much easier and less painful. We were concerned with the possibility of a short cord though so I had to birth in my bed-so didn't want to.
  We videoed my last two births and had planned to this one, but I wasn't feeling it. We got daddy in the room and soon his mom. I was thinking a couple of pushes and here she wold be. Nope, we tried several positions and gentle pushing at first. Finally I ended up on my knees holding on to my wrought iron head bored pushing my little heart out. Man did I forget how it felt to have a baby out of the water, night and day people! I have to say it was awful. Yes I feel bad saying that, but after you have a water birth, you never want to birth on land again and for good reason. Dad still got to catch though, so he was happy! I yelled out, there at the end as I always do, yes I am a yeller when they are coming out.
 I turned around and saw my precious little blessing. i was surprised to see such a dark haired little girl. We had little toe headed blondies usually. I mean if I had her at the hospital I would have denied she was mine, oops. I did bleed more than usual, and we questioned if I possibly had a partial abruptionok with allowing Jamie's step dad to cut the cord. I was very fond of him and he is such a sweet loving kind man. he was ecstatic. He was shaking so badly he could hardly hold the scissors in his hands.
  After an entire day of labor my baby was finally here (11:07 am) with us a week early. She was a healthy 8lb 8 oz (same as Gala) and 20.5 inches long.
  I can look back now and in the beginning of my pregnancy in my left side I had some discomfort. However I did have an u/s and nothing was discovered so I don't know if it was related to my awful pain I had at Walmart. I also ended up with a terrible UTI that I treated with D mannose.
  What I learned-that I will not call anyone until I know that it is time. About an hour and half before baby arrives. Because I am ok with it just being Jamie & I with God by our sides when our baby comes, if that is, if He decides to bless us again.

  It has now been a year since that day. I am not pregnant (haven't even started cycling) I am still nursing and co-sleeping with my daughter who does not sleep well, still. She only has two bottom teeth and is not yet walking on her own. And I am ok with that. I could not imagine our family without my beautiful Syhven Jaklyn We are truly blessed. Happy Birthday Syhven!
                                  (my crazy super cute, super sweet birthday girl)                               


Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Biblical Garden, Modest Wear (Skirts & Swimwear) and Giveaway

   You all know that modesty is something that I find important. When I first started looking for more skirts to wear The Biblical Garden was one of the website I found. I saw several very cute skirts, and tops and dresses and young girls dresses, which are very well made as well, they even carry modest swimsuits! WooHoo! I was blessed enough to be able to review one of the skirts that carry. It was the tweed skirt with ribbon trim.
                 (sorry for the mess behind me, Sunday mornings are always chaotic)
I have to say I felt genuinely pretty in the skirt! It is a very heavy, well made skirt. I'll be honest, I have never owned a real tweed skirt before, the difference is amazing. I know now why people are willing to spend the extra money for the real deal. Tweed is so much nicer than synthetic fibers.
 I love the detailing of the lace that peeks out from under the skirt and the nice ribbon around the waist. Generally, I shy away from anything that needs tucked in due to my belly, but this skirt, this skirt did not make me feel uncomfortable. Quite the opposite it made me feel very good about myself, which is always a wonderful thing.
 The Biblical Garden has certainly gained my trust in their products and my gratitude for making clothing for women, that makes us feel good about ourselves. I would highly recommend anyone to take a look at all they have to offer.  I know I will do business with them again!

   The owner of The Biblical Garden, Sarah Kopp is a wonderful woman and mother of, I believe nine children! She is like most of us, looking for modest clothing that looks great at a great price. She has been helping women in their search for eight years now and doing a great job at it!
  What else I like about The Biblical Garden is the fact that they carry bathing suits! And they are unlike other modest bathing suits I have seen before. I had to have one for my 9 year old daughter. Let me tell you it is very hard to find one for younger children. Blixon loves it!I had a hard time getting her to take it off the first time she tried it on.

Blixon is a very thin girl and I was worried that the pants would not stay up on her, but they did, I was extremely impressed. The bathing suit is made of Italian  bathing suit material, chlorine safe of course. It is a two piece which is great because she can just pull the tunic top up and the pants down when she needs to take a potty break. She said it is extremely easy to wear and play in. She loved the color to. At
The Biblical Garden    some of their suits are on sale now so I would grab them while you can because summer is just around the corner. They also have women's through XXL with short sleeve or 3/4 sleeve. She also carries pareo's, for those who either want the extra cover up or who just need some covering with the bathing suits they already own.
  That's what I have to offer today, a pareo. Lets face it, who doesn't like a little extra fabric around the bottom :-) Even before I was exploring modest wear I never put a bathing suit on without one.

You can purchase anything I have spoke of today from The Biblical Garden or Enter to Win a Pareo as seen here.


Monday, March 12, 2012

I don't say it enough, I love you MOM

  I love my mom. I know everyone say's that, but I really mean it. My mom is the kind of mother every girl wants :-) She loves unconditionally and gives all of herself to those around her. She will do anything and everything she possibly can for you. She has went through extremely painful things, emotionally and suffered physically for years (still does often) yet she stays so faithful to the Lord, so optimistic. I can't wait until the day she can come and live with me, she is my best friend! I could spend everyday, all day long with her. And lets face it, there aren't to many people we can say that about. I did alot of things that her hurt her while I was growing up, that I regret dearly. My only hope is that she knows how very truly sorry I am for that. She is the kind of woman I look up to, the kind I want my children to look up. I hope that someday I can be half of the woman she is. I love you mom.
                                          (Mom, and me & my 2 sisters)

                                          (Nanny with the older 5 kiddo's)
                                     (Nanny & mamaw and 6 of our kids)
                                                       I LOVE YOU MOM

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a special kind of love

have you ever looked at your child and your heart just filled up with so much love it made you cry? often, without expecting it, my daughter will smile at me or say the sweetest thing and i get butterflies in my belly. or i will look down, while nursing and just fall in love with my baby girl all over again. my older children may just come up to me and lay their head on my shoulder and tell me they  love me. or, despite their size want to sit on my lap. my son will tell me,  i need another hug, the last one ran out.                                                                                                  i just feel so privelaged to have been blessed with such a love for my children. i just love them so much. it is a gift from god, the kind of love that makes a mother cry just from looking at her children. my cup runneth over...

Monday, March 5, 2012

Winner of Princess Modest Swimwear Giveaway!

Congratulations to Mom or 3 Dolls!!! You are the WINNER of the  Princess Modest Swimwear   Giveaway! You will love your new suit, I look forward to hearing about it.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby K'Tan Review and Giveaway

Ever since I had my first child twelve and a half years ago I have practiced attachment parenting, before I even knew there was such a thing. After our fifth child I started hearing about slings. I mean yes I had one of those awful strap on Walmart carriers I never used, but slings, hmmm. After looking into carriers I discovered there were so many styles. After our seventh was born I finally decided to take the plunge and try a wrap styled carrier. But my goodness was it a pain. I mean I loved it but all of that fabric! And when we were going somewhere I couldn't ever keep it off of the ground. Then I discovered the Baby K'Tan, and I fell in love!
 I can do everything with my K'Tan. I don't have to hold on to her like in a sling and guess what-No wrapping! It is a total Hallelujah moment for me!
I have literally worn her for hours in my K'Tan and she is not fussy and I am not sore. I have even wore her older sister when I had a sunburn with ease and comfort. My daughters who carry our youngest two on occasion are begging that I buy one their size. Yes I am seriously considering it, because the K'Tan is so easy to use. Oh and another great feature is, that it comes with a pouch that you turn inside out and it holds the carrier or you turn it and it is the sash you see tied around me that gives added safety support for the baby.
I love that there are multiple ways to wear the K'Tan as well. I can wear her in a wrap styled (which is my favorite) or a sling style. Which is easier to nurse her in.
The Baby K'Tan certainly makes life with seven kiddo's alot easier. Whether it's a day at the library, cooking supper, doing laundry, shopping, doing homeschool or just taking a walk. I love holding my baby close, not only does it feel nice to me, it keeps them from crying. Holding a little one all day, which I pretty much do, gets very tiresome, I get very sore. But now that I have my easy to use Baby K'Tan I can keep up with life and wear my little one without getting sore.
  I have heard the K'Tan being called a hybrid carrier, meaning the best of both a wrap carrier and a structured carrier, I can't agree more! I took a few things off of their website-I do hope they don't mind. I just wanted all of you to see how very cool the K'Tan is and how it works.
about the baby k'tan baby carrier

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier is a uniquely designed soft cotton carrier. It can be worn in all the same positions as a wrap, without the hassle of wrapping! The K'tan is made of two loops of cotton which are connected by a third smaller loop called the Back Support Band. This ergonomic and stylish design allows the carrier to be worn in multiple positions, all without any complicated wrapping or buckling. It is a cross between a sling and a structured front baby carrier, offering the positions and benefits of both! The Baby K'tan offers unparalleled comfort, safety & convenience!

On the Baby K'Tan website  they have video's and PDF files to help you out if you need or want to watch. You can also personalize your carrier, and really how cool is that! It comes in sizes rather than one size which makes it safer and much easier and comfortable to wear.

look how snug he looks, to cute.

(taken from the website, another way to wear an infant)
(also taken from the Baby K'Taken website)
Notice the cute little hat that comes with every K'Tan you purchase. I can not say enough about this company and the carrier. I wish I had it with my first.
Purchase a Baby K'Tan here or enter to win
Baby K'Tan has so graciously offered one of my lucky readers a chance to win a carrier for themselves.
Good Luck

Happy 10 Years Jamie Allen, I Love You

  This morning at approximately I am awoken by scurrying little feet and hushed whispers of 5 little children. Why didn't I tell them all to go back to bed at such an awful hour...It is momma & daddy's 10th anniversary! Most years our children enjoy "surprising" us with breakfast in bed. This year, however I knew (sshhhhh) that they had made a poster. So I'm laying there thinking they will hang the poster and go back to bed. No way, when my kids do something they like to go all out. About 6:30 we were, hmm well we will say we were awoken ;-) by soft music playing and breakfast being brought in to us by 5 beautifully excited children! Our living being all decked out in decorations as well. This could have went very differently. I certainly was not hoping to be woke up at 4am, but if my children are willing t sacrifice their sleep for me and their dad, I see the loving kindness in that, who am I to say no. I thought it was so sweet. No matter how tired we all are going to be the rest of the day.
 Once upon a Time there were two people, who came together and fell madly in love with one another.

            (yes that's me with the spikey do)
These two people had alot to over come to be together. They had family who were not looking favorably on their union, they had children that would need to be adjusted into a blended family. Young yes but even still. Their love took them to a land far away from the young girls family. This was hard on all of them, but well worth it. As long as the two were together that is all that mattered.
    (Summer in Virginia)
The couple learned alot about one another. And the young girl, almost overnight had to learn how to be a mother to three and how to run a real household. She flourished!  The young couple could wait no longer. They had to be wed.
          (what a happy happy time)
The wedding was small and very intimate. There were just a few family members. Although the children were dressed for a wedding they were not an actual part in the ceremony, for only the young couple were. The girl was so moved by emotion she knew not how she was able to get through her vows, tears coming from her eyes, shaky voice, but she made it through.
 (it rained that day, only during the actual ceremony, which is said to be a good omen)
Since the wedding the couple have been through so much together. Such as the pregnancy and birth of four wonderful children.

    (expecting our first together and the last to be had at a hospital, homebirths were in their future)
Sending the children away to a school bared to much on the couple. So after just a few short years, they decided homeschooling was for them.
   (Blixon was the last to attend a public Kindergarten)
The suffered great loss, when the girl miscarried their fifth child, yet grew tremendously in the Lord)

  (our fifth child is awaiting us in Heaven with our Heavenly Father)
The couple also went through a great deal of struggles in their relationship, from addiction, to separations to divorce threats and family problems. However with fighting for one another and their love, with the help of God, they managed to pull through. The young man even gave his life over to the Lord.
   (the man became a born again Christian, after many years of praying)
They spent a great deal together with their children As family was a top priority to them both. There were a few times they even got to go on small trips together as a family.
         (first big trip, to King Island)
(they even had a great time dressing up and traveling to a Renaissance Festival with the children)
 They went through cancer with a child and a miraculous healing from the Great Physician, our Heavenly Father. The girl had surgeries, the man never left her side  and was very loving.
       (traveled to North Carolina to have a tubal reversal)
They went through baby dedications and baptisms of four of their children. Everyday life. Time passed and the two grew as did their family. They grew as individuals and as a couple as well. They coached upward basketball and showed team spirit as the children discovered what they enjoyed participating in as well. They moved once again and went from city life to rural Ohio farm living. Once again these two only grew closer together as one. They were able to take the trip of a lifetime...
  (For their eighth anniversary they went to Florida, with their six children)
 Today, today is ten years to the day that this couple wed. Throughout these ten years there were ups and downs, but through it all, they stayed in love with one another. They defied the odds and provedmany wrong. With God, they are looking forward to many many years to come.
   Happy 10 Year Anniversary My Dearly Beloved