Sunday, March 8, 2015

Our 14 year old daughter was just diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome-Cancer

It has been one rough week here. Our 14 yr. old has been feeling weak and fatigued, just not herself. We had set up an appointment with a dr. however my husband suggested testing her hemoglobin. I did and was shocked to see it was a 6, when it should be anywhere from an 11-16.
  We chatted with her nurse practioner, and she highly suggested taking her to children's hospital that very day, Sunday. However we had since been pumping her full of Young Living's Ningxia and other Young Living Supplements. By that evening, her HGB was a 9, so the hospital sent her home telling us my machine was wrong, even though everyone else tested normal. We did however have a hematology appointment scheduled for that Weds. We knew it was the ningxia and other supplements keeping her up. Tuesday after her daily dose of ningxia and supplements, I said no more until she see's that Dr. just so he will see her levels without our Young Living products. By that night, Tuesday, her gums were white, her tongue was white (they had already been pale for close to a week) and that night she collapsed in the bathroom after showering. By the time she got to the ICU her HGB was a 2.3!
  They took us serious this time. After 4 units of blood, many Iv's and a bone marrow biopsy, she was diagnosed with Myelodysplatic Syndrome. A not so common form of cancer.
  After being in shock, denial, questioning, my anger and grief and fear, I had been reminded that the Lord has not placed in us a spirit of fear! We have many many people storming heaven on my little girls behalf and I know that their prayers have been heard and felt by my family. The love and support have been amazing. I feel confident in my faith that the Lord will move in Alyssa and she WILL be healed.
  We have decided on a treatment plan, along side prayers I just know she will be ok.
We are asking if you find it in your heart, alongside your prayers, to donate toward Alyssa's Treatment Fund it would be more then appreciated. No matter how small the gift is even $5 will help.
  I will be placing a button on my page, you can donate through PayPal. I will be posting updates. Thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you.

   Alyssa's Treatment Fund

my beautiful girl before her bone marrow biopsy, finally some color back in her!