Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Food We Eat

I can remember when I was a teenager and all I ate was pizza rolls and microwavable pizza. Gone are those days, right. Then after I had Haven and it was just she and I, my diet changed a bit. I didn't cook much though, being it was just for me. When I got with Jamie I had to start cooking meals for he and I and soon for our two little ones. I still didn't cook very healthy. It was alot of hamburger helper, chicken voila and things like that. See I didn't like to cook and I still don't!
When I became a Doula I did start changing our diets a little bit. But it wasn't until I met Becky (midwife and spiritual mom) she really helped open my eyes and point me in the right direction. I found some great stores to shop at, whole foods, trader joe's and we even found organic foods at bent & dent stores (which by the way I miss so much) and Kroger even began selling alot of organic and natural foods. We really changed our diets for the better. I mean, do you know what kind of "junk" is in the milk that you drink everyday, it's disgusting! Most of the "so called foods" we put into our body are more toxic then nutritional. I mean no wonder our country is obese and disease ridden. I have read that it's something like 1 pear of 50 years ago would have the nutritional value as about 34 or something. I mean what are we allow them to do to our food. And Corn, my goodness this mycotoxin infested grain (not vegetable by the way) is in everything! Oh and corn syrup is NOT sugar! There is a documentary called King Corn I highly suggest it. And Super Size Me is a good one, having to do with fast food-McDonalds in particular.
When Gala got sick we went to an Anti-Fungal diet for quite awhile. Meaning no sugar at all, no pasta's, no breads no corn, pretty much just meat-organic or all natural, vegetables, and eggs, organic dairy products, with local fresh cow milk-try finding that around, ha the government, supposedly wanting to protect us has for bid us to buy fresh milk! That makes no sense to me, I mean who are they to tell me I can't drink milk from a cow because it wasn't ruined by the dairy companies! Now since Gala's being sick we have gotten off this diet a bit. But it wasn't until we moved to our place now that it has gotten this bad. :-(
I can remember when we first moved here and we figured, well it won't be so bad. We can drive to Columbus once a month and Zanesville whenever we need to grocery shop. See our town has a Kroger (probably one of the first ever made, and yet to update, I'm talking barely fitting carts down the isles) The Kroger here in town barely has anything healthy but I do try. We have not been to Columbus to a Whole Foods in close to a year I am so extremely sad to say, and Zanesville, well I try to go once a month and stock up on as much as I can. But we used to be able to do more with two refrigerators and now we only have one. I find myself more and more running to this Kroger, giving in the pleas for candy and cakes. I find our dinners, which were not really out of the ordinary, just organic have now switched to, "well at least it's not boxed" I will tell you it's amazing how easy it is to crave the "junk" to!
I need to get back on track, Columbus or not. I can see the difference in the kids' behaviors and all of our health, it's simply not as good. I have been buying Syhven organic baby food, but to be honest by they time the other kids were a year old they were at least tasting table food, but most of ours I am to afraid to put into her body. I just wish it were easier living here and having a healthier diet. I mean how much chemical pesticide or preservative did they spray in those apples just for them to make it here? It's almost not worth eating them with all of the bad stuff that's in them or on them, but yes we still eat them. It's so hard. It should be easier and cheaper to buy the healthy stuff, not easier and cheaper to buy and eat the Genetically Modified or Engineered foods, all of the hydrogenated and fried "junk" that's killing us, but hey we will all be so preserved that we won't need to be embalmed at this rate. Ugh anyway...
I still detest cooking, so I need fast and easy recipes. I have a large family so it can't be these dinners for 4, It can't be the kinds of dinners that call for special ingredients that is hard to find. I am just so stuck in a rut with the same old things I have perfected and am comfortable with. I would love to hear from anyone on what kinds of dinners they have!


  1. I wish I could send or get you all the organic foods you like and as for dinners well you know its just me and your dad I am getting to where it seems like the same old thing every week. it is bad when you can't afford to eat healthy, and yet thats all hear is how families need to eat healthier how kids are obese, well then make it affordable to eat better

  2. Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Lovin' The Weekend Blog Hops. I am your newest follower. So glad to find a fellow homeschooler and Christian. You have a lovely family.
    I remember when I was following a raw vegan diet (Hallelujah Acres) I felt pretty good, but it was so hard and ended up more expensive. Now the junk I put in my body shames me. I would love to go back to a healthier diet, sugar is sooo addictive. I find it hard to convince my husband that we need to get rid of a lot of the junk too. I think the Lord is speaking to me about it though, because I keep being reminded of it, like through this post.
    Anyhow, looking forward to stopping by again. Have a great week. Blessings

    1. I am so there with you! My husband is the same way. He knows I am right because when we first changed it, he agreed on everything. Now I he says, we don't have to be perfect, or he is just fine and he ate that way, ha. Raw-we were never able to get that far, that would have been incredibly difficult. I think I could do vegan, but with my hubby, its out of the question.Glad to meet you.

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  4. Love your blog. I am stuck in a rut as well and want so bad to eat healthy. I will be watching for updates. Following you from Get Connected Tuesday.

  5. Never much of a cook here either.Not an organized vook in the beginning and it was all a series of trial and error for me. Growing up no one taught me how to cook or shop or anything about ingredients, nutrition, etc...As fro healthy, we're more well portioned.

  6. I am a new follower! I know how you feel! I am addicted to documentaries about food. My favorites are food matters, and food inc.