Monday, April 30, 2012

Amazing Giveaway Week

Amazing Week of Reviews and Giveaways! Please check in everyday this coming week. To celebrate Mothers Day I will be posting several Amazing giveaways. From a Boba 3G or Boba Wrap to over $100 in cloth diapers. Good luck to everyone and have a Blessed Mothers Day.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Children are a Blessing, but How Many Blessings Do We Need

  When my husband and I first got together we thought we would have five children. After our fourth was born, several people suggested we stop there. We then tried to help a couple have a baby through surrogacy. After four unsuccessful months, the couple wanted to take a break. I got pregnant and miscarried that baby. I feel that baby was given to me to grow my relationship with the Lord. After I miscarried, we decided to go ahead and have our fifth, like we wanted after all. Gala came and much against my husbands wishes I had a tubal ligation.
  Around three years later, I felt God calling me to have that reversed. One day I fasted and prayed and the number eight was heavy on my heart. Within just three months I had a tubal reversal and was already expecting again! When our sixth child was eleven months old, I discovered I was expecting our seventh. Needless to say we make babies very easily. It's the one thing we do do right :-)
  Syhven is now a year old and I just started cycling again. I have to admit I am both scared and excited. I absolutely love being pregnant. However after number eight, what am I to do? We have discussed my husband getting a vasectomy (he doesn't really want to) or do we just trust in God and let go of control? My husband does not want endless children, ours are quiet the handful, not quite walk the perfect path children I keep seeing in these quiverful families. I do not want endless children. Someday I would like to be finished with the baby stage. I won't lie they are getting a bit much to handle at times. Plus didn't that number 8 mean were going to have eight children here on earth?
  On the flip side I do feel that it is clear in the bible that we are to let the Lord be in control, but, but, but....Is He going to close my womb after number eight? I am only 30, if He doesn't how many more would we have? Why did He let me feel 8 was it? How will we support them, will it drive me to the looney bin, will our house be a battle field? All so many questions, ugh, what am  I supposed to do? Lord please tell me, the Bible, yes, yes, I know, but if you would just tell me with your voice. I mean I hear people say that, due to health reasons, due to financial reasons, due to emotional reasons, due to, due to, whatever reason. That it's ok for them to prevent blessings.
   Ok now that I have rambled for far to long. I wanted to share with you a short film, which has me thinking yet again. Thanks to Searching For Simplicity. I urge you all to take just a few minutes to watch this short film from the Moore Family

Blessings to all. Feel free to comment, just keep the comments kind and not judgey or rude please.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Huge Fluff Giveaway

Another Amazing Fluff Stash Giveway! Brought to you by   Kebbie's Daper Bag and Daily Mothering you don't want to miss this. All of this is worth over $600.
The prize pack will include 30 Bubbz One-Size Anti-Leak Pocket Cloth Diapers along with a Bubbz Wet Bag and Pail Liner for a complete cloth diapering stash! The total value of this package is $633.40. Amazing right! Giveaway runs from May 25th-June 1st 2012

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Summer Lovin' Event

Summer Lovin' Sign-ups

Booty Buns Cloth Diapers & Amy's Craft Bucket are hosting the Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop! It will run from June 6-20, 2012

Summer Lovin' by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers

<a href="" title="Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop"> <img src="" width="180" height="240" alt="Summer Lovin' by Booty Buns Cloth Diapers" style="border:none;" /></a>

The Summer Lovin' Baby Basics Giveaway Hop will feature ANY baby basic items that you wish to giveaway. All prizes must be worth at least $25. If your prize is valued at $50+, please note it in the Linky form. There will be a grand prize given away on Booty Buns Cloth Diapers. So far the prize is valued at over $800!!

Sponsors Include:

* Booty Buns Cloth Diapers
* Raw Organics
* Rockin' Green Soap
* Fashion Bums
* Mamma's Milk Slings
* Boob Toob Nursing Covers
* Boba
* Bobee
* Balboa Baby
* The Peanut Shell
* Jack's Choice
* Spuds, Inc
* Katy's Bow-Tique
* Puff N Stuff Crochet
* The Lovely Yarns
* Mom's Crochet Corner
* Undercover Mama
Please contact me if you are interested in signing up to take part in this awsome event!

Who Are You Trying To Please?

  Who are you trying to please? Are you trying to please yourself? Are you one of those people that through caution to the wind and do what feels good? Do you go against the grain because it's what you want, or rebel just because you don't like authority? I know biological parents who never see their children, why, because it's inconvenient! Some may think as long as they are not hurting anyone (at times they may be) or they are "nice" people it's ok, after all it is their life, right?
   (Pixie (L.A.Ink) one of the cutest women in my opinion)

  Who are you trying to please, your children? Most of us moms have a hard time trying to please ourselves. Once we have our children our life becomes their life, and it is no longer about us. However this can become a problem, almost as much as if we let it be all about us. I think it needs to be a balance rather. Easier said than done if you ask most of us. However if we  let our lives be completely about our children (yes hubby to) then we loose ourselves. I have heard many mothers say they don't even know who they are anymore. I have to admit I struggle with this as well. We all know the stereotype moms we think about, at least I do. I want to be this mom most of the time, despite the fact I do not feel like "me" when I am tyring to be her. After all I am thirty years old now, a Christian wife and mother to seven children, shouldn't I be her?
 (Devoted to Domestic Issues, T.V. show in the 50's)

  Are you trying to please others? I have struggled with this as well. Over the years I have offered to take on more than I should trying to please others. I have lied, or even stayed silent, on issues that I thought I felt strongly about, just to keep the peace. I am a "grin and bear it" kind of person for the most part. I will try to do my best to impress certain people. Or change my way of doing things so that I fit in. But who will ever know you for you? Will you enjoy your life, truly enjoy it when you always have to be on your toes and ready to please at all times.
(taken from

Are you a Christian trying to please God? Now this can be a good one, right? I mean we are to serve Him. Seek Him everyday all day? I know there are many people satisfied and fulfilled by being completely devoted to the Lord. I am not talking church on Sunday, Wednesday bible study, the occasional bible reading. I am talking the people who do not have T.V., the people who do not celebrate holidays with either pagan rituals or meaning or those that are lies as Santa & the Easter bunny, the people who either wear head coverings or skirts or never cut their hair. Those who wake up and pray before getting out of bed, who read their bible before getting their day started, those who pray without ceasing. Those who have a large happy, homeschooling family. I look up those people, alot. There is absolutely nothing at all wrong with any of this, I often covet a life like this. We fit into several of these categories, but not all of them.
(taken from

Is it possible to be balanced? Can you serve yourself, your family, and others all while serving God? Can I have tattoo's, as many as I want and piercings and not be judged? Will it make me less of  a good mother? Can I go grocery shopping alone? Will it make me less of a good mother? Will others still like me if I do not sign up to take over? Or will they want to be my friend if I don't look just like them? Does it mean that I am any less a good Christian if I choose to put on a pair of pants, or get a new tattoo or send my children to public school rather than home school?
  I don't think so. I think that we can have tattoo's and a nose rings, I think that we can want a "moms day out" I think that we should be honest, even if it's saying "no, not this time" I think that as long as we are not showing off our goods, we can wear what we feel comfortable in and God will still love us, after all He is looking at our hearts right, not our appearance right?
  I do not fit the mold! Time and time again I have tried, I simply do not. However I still put my family above all next to God and I still aim to please. I want to have close friends love me for me and I want to sport some comfy Aeropostale sweat pants and get the occasional tattoo, what can I say I love tattoo's. I am going to listen to Christina Aguilara every once in awhile but my favorite, Mandisa (Christian Pop) I do not wear a typical bathing suit (Princess wear all the way) and my kids will not wear short shorts-period. I have friends who only wear skirts and that's ok with me. I watch some rated R movies (depending on the content) but my children are not allowed to watch teen nick or even the Disney channel. I know I do not make sense to alot


Friday, April 6, 2012

What a Week

   I started off this week with having two of my impacted wisdom teeth removed and one pulled. I thought I could deal with just advil, vicodin makes me sick and now I am paying the price for that because the pain has gotten worse. Only I haven't been able to rest either because we have been having goats kid every day this week! For some reason our goats are having a very hard time birthing this year. I heard that our area has had hay issues, in the fact that it was not very nutritious this past year and that is causing problems with alot of the livestock around. Jamie has a roofing job all this week, keeping him out till dark so it's all on me. Our kids are great but when I am in the barn the better half of the day it's not as if the house runs like when moms inside. So I am praying that all settles down soon and the pain inn my mouth stops and I can once again open my mouth...