Friday, August 16, 2013

Comfy Joey Ring Sling Review & Giveaway

   With Orchid being born, things have only gotten busier. I have also been walking a lot. Orchid loves to be held. She hasn't touch a stroller and she isn't put into a swing, a carrier is the way we go. I have tried a variety of different styled carriers. However I found myself longing for the ease of a good ol' fashioned ring sling.
  The Comfy Joey Ring Sling was the answer. Putting Orchid into the Comfy Joey was like coming home to your own bed after a long hotel stay. I say that with a sweet peaceful smile on my face.
 A ring sling like the Comfy Joey was the first carrier I was introduced to, years ago. I will admit despite loving my old sling, it had issues. I didn't like certain things about it. Therefore I left it behind a long time ago. Thank the good Lord I found the Comfy Joey! It is perfect! I can not think of one thing I would change on this sling.
The fact that I could not come up with anything at all that I would change on the Comfy Joey it's a fantastic sling/baby carrier. Using the Comfy Joey is fast and easy, one attribute I LOVE. I don't have to wrap or buckle of fit just so. I through it over my shoulder and pull to fit it tight. It allows me to get things done, while holding Orchid close and keeping her happy.
I was even able to help out with our churches VBS with her in my Comfy Joey. Everyone commented on how sweet she was (half the time she was sleeping in her sling) and how comfortable she looked. They were all very impressed with the fact I could have her in my arms and still help.
Aw and this is what I love most about the Comfy Joey. If Orchid falls asleep in my arms I can pop it right over my head and I don't have to hold her anymore hurting my arms. Or often, she just fell asleep in the sling. Totally a life saver.

I had recently went to a Women of Faith Conference, that I would not have been able to go had it not been for our Comfy Joey.
 Things I love about the Comfy Joey
*The ease of use
*The fact Orchid loves it :-)
*I can nurse while she is in the sling, or use it as a cover
*I love the material and the rich coloring
*I love that I can wear her in so many different positions, although tummy to tummy is my favorite, and on my hip.
*The fact it fits right in my diaper bag/purse

Things I don't love about the Comfy Joey
*I couldn't come up with a single thing

I know you will love the Comfy Joey (which comes in a variety of colors, prints and fabric) as much as I do!
   Comfy Joey has so graciously offered Two $25 gift certificates toward the purchase of one of the most amazing slings ever.

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