Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fresh Milk or Store bought?

                                                We have fresh milk! Yay!
   When we first moved here we looked everywhere for fresh milk. We simply could not find any. People around here are scared to sell. I know when we sold goats milk we had to state that it was not for human consumption. I just do not understand why the government feels they have a right to tell me what I can and can not drink. I mean its not like I am getting drunk and then driving. I simply want to feed my family REAL food and without all of the hormones and antibiotics and drugs they put into milk these days. It is I who am taking the risk of getting sick from it. And pasteurization, well I get the theory behind it, boiling out the bad stuff, but whenever you boil the bad are you not boiling out the good as well? However in my opinion I am taking more of a chance drinking the store bought milk then I am fresh milk.
   Did you know what is in your milk?
this is taken from a study done in Spain, I know that we Americans always tend to overdue things, so I know that we have even more in our milk. It is very hard to find out everything that "we" put  into our milk.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Public School, Have We Made A Terrible Descision?

   As you all may know, we are typically a Home School family. This past year I had let myself get very frustrated with school, and poor behaviors and the worlds pull. I told my husband that I couldn't do it anymore. I needed a year off from Home Schooling. That they were going to go to public school. I thought, it had its pro's and cons. I had myself convinced that it would be good for all of us. The kids would get a taste of the real world, and I would get several hours out of the day with less of a headache. My younger students, could possibly get some help with stuttering.
  My oldest daughter begged to stay home and do her 8th and 9th grade in one year. She is driven, when she wants to be so I allowed it. I did have reservations for a time about sending two of my children to a Jr.High school. My husband said "they are going" I guess I had pushed him enough to the point he was not going to allow me to change my mind again. I have threatened in the past. As it got closer to school time, I was mildly excited, to be honest. After all, I was only going to have 3 at home, and my oldest was capable of schooling herself for the most part. Of course I would be here for her when she needed any help.
  It did not take long for my mind and my heart to feel a change. I knew I had made a mistake. The younger two, I am fine with. I know several teachers, the principle is a Christian. I fell fine with them being there. My older two though, now that is an entirely different story. Within the first week they were coming home with horror stories of how the children talked out at the Jr.High. I should have known, after all I went to public school. But it is as if it is allowed or at least looked over at this Jr.High. Which I thought it would be better then where I went to. I went to school in the city, we are in a rural area.
  I could see the change in my daughters attitude right away, and not for the better. My son, I won't lie, didn't have far to fall, but he has even gotten worse with some things. I was hoping they would not like the heavy work load, but that doesn't even seem to be the same, as it was for me, when I was in school. They rarely have any homework, yes I know we are only into the 4th week, but still.
  I just feel like I have made such a huge horrific mistake with those two. I know that it has been a huge stress taken off of my shoulders, but that certainly shouldn't be the reason that our kids are sent to a public school. Sigh...I wish life was easier. And the choices were mapped out for us.
  I wonder how much fussing it will take, to get my husband to allow me to bring them home. I guess I now know life is NOT greener on the other side of the fence. This is not saying that all public schools are bad, or that all children should be home schooled, I just know that, that is the way it should be and is for my family.

or this?

Friday, September 14, 2012

We Love Soccer

  Our children have been playing soccer since they were in PreK. First with the YMCA, and now that we have moved for the Morgan Youth Soccer League. All of them enjoy soccer and some absolutely LOVE soccer! It is actually one of the few sports they can play being home schooled to. Until High School that is. When it comes to that time I know we will have some broken hearts.
  I love that the kids are getting out there and being active. Hadassah even has a little pair of cleats at 3, she calls them soccer soccer's :-) Jamie and I have split up and are coaching this year and having a blast. Well I am . He wasn't sure enough of himself but hey two games in and they have won both! I am coaching 2-3rd graders and I will admit it is a little tougher then I thought. I get competitive when my kids are  on the field.
                   Syhven is my assistant coach :-)

kids dribbling around the square
actually Haven is my assistant coach
 more drills
Syhven loves soccer

  Jr. High is a whole other subject, they are extremely competitive, and it is much harder then the youth soccer. Do you know we even  have to pay to get into our own children's games, I think that is unfair. And because it is still umbrellaed under the Morgan County Youth there is no busing, so we have to get the Jr.high kids to all of the practices and games and away games. That's a bit much. But being the only official sport they play it is a sacrifice we are willing to make.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Babywearing Blogger Opp

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International Babywearing Week Giveaway Event
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Friday, September 7, 2012

princess modest swimwear on deep discount, get it now, before they are gone

i wanted to share with you the fact that princess modest swimwear is on deep discount right now. so i wanted to let you all know, you need to go now and purchase your own amazing suit at such a great price, today, before they are gone. my princess modest swimwear bathing suit is the only suit i will wear. please go check them out before they are sold out.  sorry for the briefness, i am on my phone, i just wanted to share this straight away.

Big Baby Hammock

  I first saw this very cool baby Hammock on Searching for Simplicity and thought, now that is very cool. We always have troubles with our little ones sleeping in a crib. It seems that as soon as I lay them down they are back up again. With Hadassah, we tried the Amby hammock, and while I understand the reasons for it being slightly elevated at the head level she never quit laid in it right. It just didn't give us the results we were hoping. Now granted our babies usually end up in bed with us at some point during the night, my true wish would be for a baby to sleep right beside us all night, not right with us all night.
Jamie (hubby) wasn't real keen on the idea of it being right by the window, but I love the idea. When the new baby comes along it will be to small to reach up, even to the top of the Hammock. And Syhven and Hadassah are both old enough to be told, not to touch.
notice how little much space it takes up? This is very important in our room. Plus I can have it right beside my bed, higher or lower, either way.
I have always thought that a hammock would give more of a "being held" feeling, versus laying flat in a crib. Not to mention the fact, that our room is quickly running out of space with baby dressers and what not already taking up so much space. I thought this Hammock could be the answer to our problems, and look good while doing so.
Notice the beautiful detail lining.I love the front pocket, it is the perfect size for a couple of diapers and a travel size diaper wipe pack. For the middle of the night changing. Sure will make it a lot easier then having to get up and out of bed.
Hadassah loved getting in the Hammock and trying it out, as soon as it was hung.

A few days later she even fell asleep in the Hammock.

It also came with a very handy travel bag, for times spent at grandma's or you could even take it outside if you spend a lot of time outside, hang baby in the tree while you lounge next to him/her in your own hammock.

Syhven is now 17 months old. She has been put to bed in a crib each night. I have yet to get a full nights sleep since before she was born, not one! Until just a couple of nights ago. I woke and realized it was daylight, I was scared. I quickly sat up and peered in, fast asleep my little girl was. I was so very happy. I thought about trying to get a quick picture, however I was scared she would wake up ;-)
I would highly suggest anyone to buy this amazingly beautiful and very easy Hammock for their little ones. It is large enough for twins, and or an older child, holding up to 44lbs, so it can grow with your baby. Also you can remove the the Hammock cloth material and wash it. You can't do that with a crib.
I would love to take all that is written off of the site, because I would love to tell you everything. However I urge you to go straight to their site and fully read everything. It is truly amazing.
A little side note, one of my daughter were named Gala Lee, after the Galilee in Israel. This beautifully handcrafted Hammock is also made in Galilee. She loves that!

If you go to the site HERE to check out the Hammock (trust me you won't be sorry) She has so graciously agreed to give a special price ($155 free shipping from Israel) to those who mention seeing this review on my Blog, just email here for the special price!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Baby Bump Journal

Remember to follow My Baby Bump Journal weekly. Every Wednesday I will be updating you on my pregnancy. I also have links to a few other bloggers who are also pregnant :-) stop by and read their journal entries too!