Tuesday, December 3, 2013

8 months later

It feels like it has been forever since I have written. I have been missing it. We have just been so busy. So much has happen.
 In August we went on the phase 1 Diet aka Anti fungal. We are feeling great and my husband has lost 30lbs and I have went from 159 down to 124! I am pre 1st pregnancy weight now, and needing a good shopping day ;-)
                                I know it's a terrible picture, but you get the point.
Our daughter got baptised Praise God!

 So did my father-in-law Praise God!
Our oldest daughter seems to have grown a lot. I think her interest in helping with the baby has added responsibility that has really matured her.

Our little one is growing into a little big girl who is now starting to crawl around

 Our eleven year old has really taken an interest in doing hair and she is fabulous at it, and boy am I loving it.

Daddy made a deal with our 4 year old if she stopped sucking her bottom lip, he would get her a kitten. Which is huge because he is not a cat person. Well thirty days later we had a new kitten. and then a couple of weeks later I went to the grocery store and literally picked up another kitten IN the check out line in the store.

 I talked my husband into goats again

  As well as alpacas
And even a pig

 All of our kids "other than the baby of course" played soccer and all of them went to the championships (other then the pre-k's) and our sons team took 1st place!

 I signed up to be a Designer now for Origami Owl. Me the somewhat shy one, selling Thirty~One and Origami Owl. I think what I would truly love to do is open a Healthy Living Store. I simply would not know where to start though.
Things are finally starting to settle down now thankfully. We are in desperate need of a real routine. Its been far to long. I look forward to being home more, cozy and warm this winter.


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