Thursday, February 28, 2013

Redeeming Childbirth/Leaving a Legacy With Your Children

  I am currently reading one of the most amazing pregnancy/childbirth books ever written...Redeeming Childbirth!

  My spiritual mother, the midwife who trained me and is now such a huge part of my families life, often recommends a book, or we have a read challenge if we are both interested in a certain book. This was one of them, and I am so very glad she did. You can purchase Redeeming Childbirth HERE
 I am only about a third through this book and am so impressed with Angie Tolpin and her writing. It has truly got me thinking about so many different things. She has a website HERE, it is more of a blog styled website. I am subscribed to her emails. She sent out an email asking "What Legacy Are You Leaving Your Children With, On The Subject of  Pregnancy and Childbirth?"
  Well, being a midwife and currently expecting our 8th child, I thought certainly I would be instilling in all of my children, son included, how wonderful children are and what a blessing they are. This they have grasped. I also thought they would realize that pregnancy is not an illness, and a completely natural part of life. Childbirth, being an exciting part, the last leg of the race to be celebrated. However, I don't think I am showing them this as much as I should be. Pregnancy being natural, yes they get that. I think my being a Midwife has shown this. They know that homebirth's are what they want (currently, who knows when they are adults) and they know that pregnancy is a gift from God.
 Again though, they are a few of our children who seem to be focused on the fact that you can be very tired and very sick during a pregnancy. Rather then my teaching them that this can just be a part of it, and despite the difficulty that this seems to be, it is still normal and well worth the outcome of having a new healthy baby at the end of all of this. Angie talks on how this can also help bring you closer to God (leaning on Him during a difficult time) I love that she talked about this in such a positive light.
 Lately my 14 yr.old son, has made snide little remarks about boys/mens strengths over women/girls. This is upsetting to me, because I am big on "do not act better then one another". So, me, in my infinite wisdom, HA. I thought now is the perfect time to put him in his place. I have been stressing about the pain women endure during childbirth and the fact men just couldn't handle it. There I go, acting as though I were better then he. Boy I sure can be an idiot sometimes. So not only and I being a hypocrite, I am now teaching my daughters, who have been a part of a few of my labors, that childbirth is a horrible painful thing. So not what I want my daughters focused on! Even after all of these children of ours, I am still making massive mistakes. Thanks to Angie Toplin for bringing them to my attention.
 As a woman, as a mother, and as a mother of daughters, as a Midwife, I need to be leaving a Legacy with my children that I am proud of. I need my children to know, yes there are things about pregnancy & childbirth, but we need not to focus on them. Our eyes need to be on the heavens. Our eyes, need to be on the prize at the end of this journey. My children love to watch the baby move in my tummy, or feel it move. My three year old love to rub & kiss my tummy. These are the things they need to be reminded of. Pregnancy & childbirth is something God has blessed only women the ability to experience, with His help we are able to bring forth life. You can not get more "special" then that if you ask me. They need to be reminded of that. I think whether we have a simple and enjoyable pregnancy, or are struggling with a difficult pregnancy, we need to be careful on what we are showing our children with our actions and words. I love being pregnant, yes I have experienced most of the common discomforts, but none the less, I love being pregnant. I am not one of those women who are so impatient to be done. I do get impatient, but it is more to have the baby in my arms, looking at her/him, kissing her precious cheeks. These are the things I need to be teaching my children. Not that they do not need to know, what to expect, difficulties and all, however I need, we all need to remember, to focus on the positives not the negatives when we are teaching our children about pregnancy & childbirth.
  I would love to sit here and tell you all about the book, how it is reminding me to enjoy every second of this pregnancy, the ups & downs. How it is reminding me to praise God each and every day for the blessing He is bestowing on us. However I am sure I would be stepping on some infringement rights, so all I can say is buy Redeeming Childbirth, you will be so thankful you did. I know that I am.

I purchased this book on my own, I am recommending it, purely because every women needs this book. I am not getting anything from recommending this book, just the satisfaction of knowing God will be Praised!

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