Friday, March 8, 2013

Something Amazing Is Happening

  Growing up, I was in and out of church. I had fell away, very far away for a time. When I got pregnant with my daughter, I knew I had to change, I knew I wanted to go back to church, for her. When my husband and I got together twelve years ago, I continued to go to church (despite the fact we were living together without being married, for a time) and I took the children. He was never against this, and always was respectful of it. He even would come to the occasional "special" events. I knew his feelings on God, and I knew we felt very different from one another. I kept praying though.
  About five years ago, after we had had severe martial problems he began coming to church, and ended up getting saved and baptized. To be honest, I didn't see a huge difference in him, but it was a start, I was hoping. We moved, went to another church I thought suited him well, a little change, not monumental. We stopped going to that church for various reasons. It took us some time to find another church. We made our choice due to a youth group, to get our children socialised more.
 I knew it wasn't exactly his style but we have been there for over a year now, so he must think it's ok, right? Then our Pastor introduced a Yearly Bible Reading Program, one where you only read a chapter or less. I started reading it, and after about three days he asked if he could do the reading (he has adult ADD and wanted to be able to pay attention) So of course I was fine with this. After all I had heard years ago, when he begins to grow as our family's spiritual leader I need to step down. That was fine, that's what I had always wanted after all.

  So he began reading to us nightly after dinner. Then our church started a study based on the book Soul Shift, he even began reading our Soul Shift book right after Bible!
He still was not coming to Sunday School, but that's ok with me. I was extremely impressed with his dedication to Bible and Soul Shift reading. He even over stepped me, after telling our 7 year old we didn't have time to read her Bible to us, he said "if she wants to shepherd us, let her"
  We take turns praying, like Sunday is dads day,  Monday is our sons day, etc... A few days ago, my husband informed us, that after each persons prayer, he would like to add in a thankful prayer of his own. Praise God! He was actually coming up with some amazing prayers to, I was so impressed!
 Twelve years of praying and I have learned it was all in Gods time, not my time. My husband is growing in leaps and bounds and I have never been happier. I am fasting from TV for a week, being in the word, during my normal TV time, I found myself in tears thanking the Lord for my husband and for all of the changes I have been privileged enough to have a front seat to witness.


  1. Hello,
    I found you by clicking on sunday blog hops- I am new, just started blog yesterday-
    I am so happy for you and your family. It is wonderful that your prayers have been answered. I know sometimes it seems like God isn't answering prayers. You are right he does this in his time. Hope you have many more blessings in the years to come.
    God bless
    Always Walk in Love

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