Monday, February 11, 2013

Essential Oils, I am Falling in Love

  I have heard about essential oils for years, but more for fragrant uses. I didn't know much about them, and figured that I didn't need to. After all, I am not big on smells, even if they are nice.
  I kind of heard last year that a friend had been using them, even putting them in her drinking water (YUCK I thought). But again I had no real interest so I never asked about them. Then several months later, another dear midwife motherly figure, friend mentioned she had attended a class on them and was very excited, and wanted to tell me all about it. More out of respect (and just wanting to see her, I went) She sparked my interest, after all they sounded wonderful. I had even gotten a postcard in one of our home schooling packets on this company. But I went home and got busy and never followed up much. About a month later, that same dear friend, invited me to a class, she and another friend were holding at her house. And again, more out of wanting to visit, I went. I had no idea what I was in store for...
  I was amazed at what I was hearing! See, we no longer vaccinate, we try to stay away from ALL over the counter meds and prescription meds. The midwife friend was the one who lead my way in most of my "natural" education. So when she said that was and our other (very natural) friend had been turning to essential oils over our typical herbal remedies I was all the more interested. The class was extremely informative. I had no idea that essential oils could be used in such ways. The fact that God had ordained the use of oils (mentioned several times in the bible) I knew there must be truth in what I was hearing.
  I heard how most all essential oils, despite the fact they claim to be pure, are not. Most use chemicals to retrieve the oil or keep the oil, therefore it is changed. We all  got the chance to smell 7 different oils, from the Young Living Everyday Oils Kit
 Some smelled very nice to me, including Lavender, which was a huge surprise, because I couldn't stand lavender products. I was informed it was due to the fact that Young Living Oils were pure, they often say from seed to seal. They grow them, distill them and seal them all themselves. I was given a cheat sheet for these 7 oils, and how they can pretty much replace your whole medicine cabinet, again impressed.
 Several stories were shared, on the healing benefits of Yong Living Oils, from the founder Gary Young (who was in a terrible logging accident and was left paralyzed, who of course can walk again praise God) to more personal stories, of the women who was teaching, how she had been working with a man who had had several back surgeries and was ready to give up and wanted to die. After one raindrop session, he stood up straight and walked without a limp. Now, he does have to come back weekly, but he is living a much more normal life with minimal pain, if any pain at all. Miracles! Young Living recommends praying over your oils before their use which as a Christian, means so much to me. You are inviting God's healing power into those oils, when doing so. I personally know of our Fathers healing abilities (Gala's cancer healing from laying of hands)
  I have now purchased the Essential Oils Desk Reference, which is a huge help in finding the proper oils to go along with any ailment you can think of, and I am trying to learn more.
 I know that, essential oils can be expensive (I myself have not bought more then what I absolutely need at this time), but what more of an investment can you make then your own body! I of course have a busy life as is already, with our kids, another almost here, homeschooling, my own courses, keeping up the house. However I have been sold on Essential Oils.
  I know not everyone is going to choose Young Living, and that's OK. Just know that you get what you pay for, and not all essential oil companies are made the same, nor do they retrieve their oils the same. I, myself have tried another company, but for now I am sticking with Young Living.

Please contact me, or leave a comment, if you are interested in becoming a distributor yourself (no you don't have to sell it, you just get great discount) right now you get a free $40 voucher when you sign up.  Or even if you would just like more information, or to purchase (to try) some of Young Livings Essential Oils.

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