Thursday, January 17, 2013

Proud Body Belly Casting Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event

 I have always wanted to cast my pregnant belly! The first time I had heard of this I very interested. I loved such a beautiful keepsake of a mama's pregnant belly. After all it is when I feel the most beautiful. Pictures are great, but a cast of my belly, now that was what I wanted! I checked into several companies, years ago, but they were all very expensive. Then three and a half years ago I found Proud Body. I was so thrilled!
 Proud Body offers a wide array of casting, belly art and paints to go along with your belly cast and more. Proud Body offers kits, kits that come with everything you need to cast your tummy, or decorate it if that's what your going for. Proud Body offers Belly Casting Kits for as low as $35 (basic) and as high as $79 (including 2 deluxe and the painting kit) Proud Body really does have all you could ever want, to capture the moment, and save it in time. Proud Body has all the fun things, like belly art and henna and belly tattoo's, all safe to use on your pregnant belly. I mean why shouldn't we be having fun with our beautiful rounded bellies? After all, we are growing a whole other human being, and how amazing is that!
   Included in the Deluxe Belly Casting Kit:
5 Rolls of casting material, natural lubricant, plastic drop cloth, no latex gloves, easy instructions, sanding screen, decorating sheet (very cool ideas), belly cast finishing sealant, a sponge to apply the sealant, cast smoother (plaster casting powder).
A basic finish, unpainted and unsmoothed. Many people choose to include their hands, or dads hands on belly. Or even just do their belly, or even include their legs. It is all up to you. With Proud Body's Belly Cast, you have artistic freedom! However I will add, My husband and I, not very artistic and we had a blast doing my belly cast.
My finished Belly Cast. I purchased the Bronzing Paint Kit from Proud Body. I choose to only smooth mine slightly. I wanted to make it look antique. Almost like it was a found statuette from an uncivilized time :-) I love it! We plan on hanging it on our bedroom wall, to cherish for years to come.
  My only regret, I don't have a Proud Body Belly Cast for all of my pregnancies.

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Proud Body has so generously offered one of my extremely lucky readers a Proud Body Deluxe Belly Casting Kit for FREE! Tomorrow is the BIG Day everyone.
The Pampered Preggie Giveaway Rafflecoppter will be LIVE! Enter to win this Amazing Deluxe Belly Kit for yourself, or as a gift to a very special expecting mama.

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