Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sacred Pregnancy Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event

  As a woman, and a midwife, I find the pregnant body the most beautiful creation, next to a newborn of course. Sacred Pregnancy takes it a step farther, they not only see a pregnancy for it's beauty but they celebrate it!  I first found Sacred Pregnancy on Facebook. I loved how Sacred Pregnancy's creator captured the intimacy or pregnant women and new mothers and shared that all of the rest of us birth junkies :-)
  Anni Daulter, has compiled photos, websites, advice, stories shared and other great things in her first (hopefully not last) book called
                                     Sacred Pregnancy
                       A Loving Guide and Journal for Expectant Moms
Sacred Pregnancy is such a wonderfully beautiful book. It is forwarded by legend Ina May Gaskin, and Annna Getty.
All women who have carried a child in her body, felt that baby move and grow and then birthed that child, knows just how Sacred Pregnancy truly is. Most women are at a loss for words, at how the emotional aspect and spiritual aspect affect us through pregnancy & birth. I love that Sacred Pregnancy, again celebrates this.
With Sacred Pregnancy the book was such a hit, Anni and Sacred Pregnacy then created a Sacred Pregnancy Magazine.
  Once again, Sacred Pregnancy is celebrating a woman and her pregnancy and birth. With such things as power quotes, photo's birth stories, practical advice on how to stay healthy, and yes another journaling area. You can purchase the magazine as an online version, or a mailed paper version. I love the paper version, only because I love the photo's and being able to go back and read the birthing stories (every issue will be differnt) and just to hold it in my hands.
Sacred Pregnancy offers classes and even conferences and retreats! What a time that would be. You can become an instructor as well.
  Now I must comment, I am a Christian, believing in The Lord my Father. Sacred Pregnancy does have some things, from photo's to comments, that are not exactly in line with my religion. However this does not mean that I can not enjoy and appreciate all that Sacred Pregnancy has to offer.

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Stay Tuned For The Sacred Pregnancy Giveaway, When The Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event Goes Live
January 18th!

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