Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pregnancy Calendar, Making of Me Book, Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event

Unique Pregnancy Gifts, has just that, unique pregnancy gifts. I was offered a Countdown to My Birth Calendar and a Making Me Book form the Author, and I am so glad I was. My whole family is glad :-) We have had so much fun with both of these.
The Making Me, The Pregnancy Activity Book for My Big Brother or Sister, has been fun for my little ones to share. They are learning while having fun. I think it is very important to include big sisters and brothers in the excitement of a new baby on the way. It lets them feel special still.
Hadassah is 3, and yes she knows mama has a baby in her tummy, but what does that really mean to her? The Making Me book has helped explain a lot. And it comes with colored pencils and a weekly ruler right in a pocket in the front of the book.
It has fun activities to do, some the older kids can do by themselves, but the younger children do need some assistance.
some of the activities are just meant for fun and others are great teaching tools.
 The Countdown to My Birth Ca lander, is my personal favorite.

 As you can see I have it set up right next to our beloved Goldie, on the window sill above our kitchen sink.
Even our kids ask if the can turn the page each day, but mama is greedy, I like doing this part, just as much as I enjoy reading the little informative tidbits written on each day.
Notice the Today Is at the bottom of the page is blank. The entire calender is made this way, so that you are able to fill in the dates to correlate with your individual pregnancy!
I have had such a wonderful time with this Countdown to My Birth calender. I LOVE reading it every day. Seeing how the baby is growing and all of the new things going on with the baby. The older kids are learning so much as well.
It even comes with stickers to place on those special days, such as prenatal appt. and U/S if you have them and the first kick and more.

I know that all of you would LoVe either the Making Me book and or the Countdown To My Birth Calender as much as we have enjoyed and loved them.

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Unique Pregnancy Gifts has so graciously offered one lucky reader a choice of either The Making Me book for Big Brother, or Sister, OR Countdown To My Birth Calendar.

Stay Tuned For the Unique Pregnancy Gifts Giveaway when The Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event Goes Live TOMORROW!



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