Thursday, September 20, 2012

Public School, Have We Made A Terrible Descision?

   As you all may know, we are typically a Home School family. This past year I had let myself get very frustrated with school, and poor behaviors and the worlds pull. I told my husband that I couldn't do it anymore. I needed a year off from Home Schooling. That they were going to go to public school. I thought, it had its pro's and cons. I had myself convinced that it would be good for all of us. The kids would get a taste of the real world, and I would get several hours out of the day with less of a headache. My younger students, could possibly get some help with stuttering.
  My oldest daughter begged to stay home and do her 8th and 9th grade in one year. She is driven, when she wants to be so I allowed it. I did have reservations for a time about sending two of my children to a Jr.High school. My husband said "they are going" I guess I had pushed him enough to the point he was not going to allow me to change my mind again. I have threatened in the past. As it got closer to school time, I was mildly excited, to be honest. After all, I was only going to have 3 at home, and my oldest was capable of schooling herself for the most part. Of course I would be here for her when she needed any help.
  It did not take long for my mind and my heart to feel a change. I knew I had made a mistake. The younger two, I am fine with. I know several teachers, the principle is a Christian. I fell fine with them being there. My older two though, now that is an entirely different story. Within the first week they were coming home with horror stories of how the children talked out at the Jr.High. I should have known, after all I went to public school. But it is as if it is allowed or at least looked over at this Jr.High. Which I thought it would be better then where I went to. I went to school in the city, we are in a rural area.
  I could see the change in my daughters attitude right away, and not for the better. My son, I won't lie, didn't have far to fall, but he has even gotten worse with some things. I was hoping they would not like the heavy work load, but that doesn't even seem to be the same, as it was for me, when I was in school. They rarely have any homework, yes I know we are only into the 4th week, but still.
  I just feel like I have made such a huge horrific mistake with those two. I know that it has been a huge stress taken off of my shoulders, but that certainly shouldn't be the reason that our kids are sent to a public school. Sigh...I wish life was easier. And the choices were mapped out for us.
  I wonder how much fussing it will take, to get my husband to allow me to bring them home. I guess I now know life is NOT greener on the other side of the fence. This is not saying that all public schools are bad, or that all children should be home schooled, I just know that, that is the way it should be and is for my family.

or this?


  1. Aww, ((Hugs)). It sounds like you were truly trying to do what would be best for everyone. I've often felt it would be wonderful if families with similar beliefs could get together and homeschool together. Taking turns teaching different subjects so you are still in charge of what your children are being exposed to but not having the weight of trying to manage it ALL alone. But alas no such thing exists where I am.... My father is a retired teacher and he was an awesome, awesome teacher but over the years he saw such a decline. Children's attitudes have gotten worse, the violence is increased and the teachers are not allowed to do a whole lot about it. I'll be praying for you Tiffany!

  2. I am so glad you posted this. I was really on the fence about homeschooling this year. Although my son learns very differently and I know right now public school is the best option for him. Just like you though I hate to hear the horror stories they come home with. The "mean" kids bullying. It is hard. I honestly want to sign them up for homeschool after the winter break because that is the only time they can switch. Afterwards I would let them decide which they enjoyed better. Sending hugs your way!

  3. My son is only in pre k this year and i'm already stressed about the things he comes home telling me. :( Definitely will start homeschooling when we move in a month!!!

  4. Well our big update is that I did bring them home! I feel at such peace with this. I know it is the right thing for our family. Thank you for the hugs, and I know that public school can be the "easier" route, and my son also learned better there, or so he says. I just feel sometimes it is not the easy way we are to take. and my son, well because I do fele that this is something that is what God is wanting from us, then he will have to adjust. I have been being reminded that the most important thing to teach daily is the Bible,the academics. Not sure if that helps, but I thought i would share. keeping you all in my prayers.