Saturday, May 19, 2012

Things I love for my babies

   I remember when I was a new mom, and I thought I needed everything the retailers had to offer. I didn't of course have the moey, but I sure wanted it all. It all looks so inticing. I did without alot and that was ok. When my husband began making more money, I went through the same thing, of wanting. I know I shouldn't, but I did. They have so much to offer for little ones. So I thought maybe I could tell you what I thought was actually worth the money.
  There are the obvious things like onsies and cloths and diapers (I prefer cloth-week in review coming up next) Do you prefer a bucket seat (infant carseat) or would you rather only buy one carseat-like the Alpha Omega
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Personaly, if I hadn't recieved an infant carseat as a gift, I am not sure we would have one. They are nice, not having to get baby in and out in the cold, butnot an absolute have to with these types of seats, safe for as little as 5lbs. Diaper bags, oh I love bags, This has been my all time favorite though
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 A baby bath tub, I hate these things with a passion! After all of these kids I have just realized showering with babies are easier with a sling.
Image Detailno this is not me, lol
The only draw back is that I have to have one of my girls come in and get her when we are done so that I can get dressed. I can remember thinking this was an insane option, but now that I have tried it, it's so much easier and convienent.
A carrier is a must! I like to start off with the Baby K'Tan and later move to the Boba 3G


So a stroller, not so much. I have to admit, I do own an umbrella stroller, which we bought at Disney because I forgot my carrier and a Graco Quattro Double stroller
but it pretty much just sits in my basement. So if you go to like the zoo or someplace like that alot totally worth it, but I prefer to wear my babies.
And a changing table is a must for me. It helps keep me organized and everything off the floor at hands reach.Image Detail I love having a changing table. Recieving blankets are nice, but I don't personaly use them alot, maybe for spit of rags. My babies don't like to be wrapped or swaddled.
 Due to the fact I nurse, bottles are not needed, but are replaced with nursing bra's and nursing pads. And even though I own sippy cups, oours tend to transition to "big kid" cups traight away. Binkies are bought and played with but never truely used. Amber teething necklaces (more on those in the future) are a Must!
 Baby teething raw baltic amber necklace.
We don't buy fancy little kid plates, but we do own some green sprouts spoons and real silver spoons and forks. Image Detail
Of course we have had several high chairs over the years, but we tend to like the kind you strap to a chair

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we have managed to do with out all of those playmats (I have had them, and realised they were a waste of money) we had had so many toys it is ridiculous. But it's not like they play a whole lot with toys. However I do love our jumperoo, and so do our children.
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I miss having a walker and have considered purchasing one of those rather than having the jumperoo, but my husband would say "what do we need that for, don't we have something like that" Of course I would say "no we don't, this one moves, lol." We have a swing, but  only with the first one and now 7th (fear one of them would hurt her in it) I think I started it to late because she didn't care for it. We have a bouncy to, but I didn't use t as often as it cost. But again, I prefer to hold my babies and with older children, babies rarely get sat down here. Bassinnets seem pointless. I mean if your going to use a crib, just start them off there in my opinion. We have a crib, one side is taken off and it is butted up against our bed, because within a couple of hours (if not sooner) she is in bed with us. We tried the Amby Hammock, I wasn't to impressed.
   Of course once they are mobile you get into safety issues. We cover all plugs and have several safety gates. We did away with nic naks long ago. If a toddler can reach it better be safe. I do hope you have enjoyed this post. It is fun thinking about baby things :-) And just remember, just because it's new and all the rage, doesn't mean it's worth buying.


  1. I've tried googling the spoons, could you maybe give me a direct link to the company that sells them? when i googled green sprouts i only saw plastic

    1. yes green sprouts are the plastic spoons we use as well. Here is the website these spoons are on with 6 girls we love pink :-)