Monday, May 21, 2012

  I would like to share with all of you one of my newest favorite diapers.

       Boogie Bear Creations I love her diapers for so many reasons. First look how cute my fluff mail arrived, I truly felt like I was unwrapping a gift.
                                    Second there is the cute factor
I mean come on you can't get any cuter than that bum right there :-) 
(Syhven 1 year)
She has so many different prints, for girls, boys and unisex. I know that shouldn't be the number one reason, but it's getting hot outside and my girl loves going naky, yes I said naky. So I love seeing the prints. But also, being a one size diaper-a must in this house having two in diapers still, look at how well it fits Hadassah who will be 3 on August 1st
and it still has another setting to grow one size larger! Now that is a bang for your buck. Look at how nice a Boogie Bear Creations diaper fits on both of my girls, it's Amazing! I love it. Also I love how soft the diapers are, inside and out. You would think it was more of a fitted, needing a cover at how soft and sweet this diaper is. However, She has PUL sewn in therefore it of course is completely waterproof. And when I saw waterproof I  mean it, absorbent as well. Syhven fell asleep and had her Boogie Bear Creations diaper on for six hours, and she woke up happy, no wet or red skin, yet the diaper was soaked. Boogie Bear Creations, also customizes their insert soakers, which again is a great quality, as so many of us moms prefer different things in our fluff. One of my favorite things, is that she makes the diapers without micro fibers. She also had a messy poo while wearing it once, and all of that lovely mess, stayed put, right in the diaper thank goodness.
   The insert, which snaps on also has the cute print on the backside to match the diaper, yet just another adorable bonus.

 See the cute insert flipped up. And the cute elastic stitching on the sides, makes me think of cute little ruffles, but I have six girls, so I look for ruffles.  
 Snapped up for size.
I love that Melissa is doing all of this herself. I mean Boogie Bear Creations really is all her. She sews these diapers, while also taking care of her family and working outside the home part time. Talk about an amazing woman! I have been using her diaper on a daily basis and I couldn't be happier.
    And price wise, again I am impressed. You can either buy a custom diaper or inserts by themselves. She offers Free Shipping, which in this day and age who doesn't love anything free? I can't urge you enough to check out all Boogie Bear Creations has to offer.

You need to check out these diapers. They have to be some of the best!
I was given this diaper free of charge for a review, however, as always, my opinions are all my own.

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  1. Those look great! I tried a couple of cloth diapers on Lily when she was a little baby, but she always leaked right through them. I never heard of this brand, but I will keep in mind if I give pregnancy another go ever!