Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boba 3G Review and Giveaway

  Let me start by saying I wanted a Boba for a very long time. I have been waiting, striving for my chance to get one. I set that for my goal, was to get a Boba Carrier. Why, I don't know because they looked absolutely adorable for starters. Plus I had heard wonderful things about the Boba from several different people. I have so many baby carriers, from a Ring Sling, To a couple of different wraps, I even have other soft structured carriers, so when I finally got my Boba 3G  it had ALOT to live up to!
  And did it, you may ask. It most certainly did! It lived up to my expectations and soared right on by. I Love my Boba 3G , It has to be my absolute favorite carrier! My only complaint is that I don't have 2, yet, that is. I need one in the car and in the house. Let me tell ya, it would be worth every penny spent to.

 There are so many fantastic qualities on the Boba 3G From the small pocket on the front (love to keep my van key in, or a little bit of $ in) I love the fact that it zips, so that I am not concerned with anything slipping out. The waist band is extremely comfortable and easy to put on. Of course they have the cutest prints, I happen to choose the Kangaroo print, which I love. Oh and the hood, I love the fact it is tucked away into a zippered pocket. I don't want it hanging down covering the cute print, when not in use. Ok now for a biggy. Like I said I have other soft structured carriers, when I used them I actually had to have my older children buckle me in the back because no matter how I stretched I could not reach those darn buckles. The Boba 3G is so much better with this. I can buckle myself YAY! No twisting and stretching, I just can very easily, I love it.

Also, we live about an hour from any major retailers, so when I go to town I stay all day shopping. It was such a drag putting the carrier on, taking it off. With the Boba 3G I didn't have to, I just snapped the shoulders straps around my waist and got into the van and buckled my seat belt and went. So much easier, without all of the messing with it. There are also foot stirrups, you can snap on for your toddler to use. My daughter loves these. Yet another wonderful quality about the Boba 3G Although I did not need to use the carrier as an infant carrier, I love the fact I do not have to purchase anything to use my Boba 3G with my next baby, with just a quick flip inward of the waist strap. All and all I have to say I have not been happier with a carrier in my life. I can do everything from cook, to clean , from shop to hike or play outside even milk my goats wearing either our 2 1/2 or our 1 year old.

I just have to say Thank you Boba for making such an Awesome carrier!

Boba  also carries the Boba wrap
Boba Wrap-Grey
(picture taken from Boba's website)
which is a wonderful carrier, especially for young ones. It's nice to have them so close. There are so many ways to carry your little one is a Boba wrap and its stretchy soft material is so soft and comfortable to wear for baby and momma. After all keeping baby close is so very important, especially in the beginning.
  So either way, if you like to wrap your baby when they are tiny, or have more structure Boba has you covered. If you want to wrap your baby in the beginning then move to a structured carrier when they get a little bigger (which is what I have personally done in the past) Boba has you covered.
    When it comes to the Safety, Comfort and Ease wearing my babies, The Boba Family is who I trust!

You can purchase a Boba 3G carrier   for $120-$125
You can purchase a Boba Wrap  for $48-$65
 However for 3 yes 3 lucky people Boba has gracious offered this amazing giveaway! 
Boba Inc. is giving away a Boba Carrier and two Boba Wraps! All products can be seen at With Boba products it is easier than ever to enjoy Freedom Together as a family and Boba wants YOU to get a chance to use their products. To enter to win, “Like” them on Facebook ( and for an additional two entries, follow them on Twitter (

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