Friday, March 23, 2012

One year ago tomorrow, Syhven's Birth Story

                                          Syhven Jaklyn

                (Becky spiritual mom & midwife, daddy, Syhven, sister Blixon & sister Haven)
 It was March 24th 2011 and I was just a week away from my due date. I was taking our other six children to Zanesville (40min. away) to get all of the shopping done before the baby came. I always go over but I figured that with all of the practice contractions I had been having I would get everything ready. I had a pain in my left side almost the entire drive but I thought that once I got out of the van and stretched, I would walk it out. Only that was not at all what happened...
  The kids had to use the bathroom before shopping, so we headed back to the back of Walmart. By the time we reached the bathroom I was in agony. Ithought  maybe I had to go as well. I tried and couldn't and went to stand up and started vomiting. I called my husband and he told me to go across the street to the hospital. Now I have my babies at home so this was not what I was wanting at all. And of course I knew that something was not right because the pain was not contractions. So I hobbled my way to the van and we went to the hospital. I got to the maternity floor, and do know, not one person asked if I was bleeding at all. I find that very strange. By the time they had me all hooked up and had checked me (I was at a 5) my husband got there. The mysterious pain had also gone away. So my husband asked if I wanted to have the baby there, knowing I did not, he said lets go. The hospital was very unhappy.
  So on our way home he persuaded me to call "everyone" I kept telling him I didn't think it was really time. But he insisted because the last one came so quickly and I was already at a 5. So we came home and set the birth pool up. His mom & step dad came and his dad and step mom came and my spiritual mom and midwife came. I had contractions off and on but nothing I would consider "it's time" However everyone was there...
  I felt like I needed to have the baby that day, as to not let everyone down because they drove so far. I know, I should know better, but that's me. The midwife had not intended staying the night, we weren't sure she would even make it in time. However by the nights end I had been in and out of the birth pool, Ihad tried some pressure points. I have to admit it though with people there, it was very distracting. I tried to put my mind in "labor" but if I had not went to the hospital no one would have been called. I would have just figured I was getting ready. I started and stopped that whole day and into the evening. His dad and step mom left due to work. I tried staying up to try to labor, but I did lay down for several hours and slept.
 The next morning we tried some herbs and walking the stairs. I had been complete for hours but still, baby was high and I wasn't really feeling like I was even in true labor (which leads me to believe I probably would have been complete for several days & I probably was with my last). The midwife and I talked about driving to Columbus, because there was a chance something was going on to keep me in prolonged labor (my last was 90 min) but we gave it a little more time.
  Finally I got a good strong contraction. One that I would have picked up the phone and called somebody! The midwife and I were both praising God during my moaning, while she was squeezing my hips (something I had done to many moms, but never had done to me) I can't believe how much of a pain killer hip squeezes are. I wanted to have another water birth, they are so much easier and less painful. We were concerned with the possibility of a short cord though so I had to birth in my bed-so didn't want to.
  We videoed my last two births and had planned to this one, but I wasn't feeling it. We got daddy in the room and soon his mom. I was thinking a couple of pushes and here she wold be. Nope, we tried several positions and gentle pushing at first. Finally I ended up on my knees holding on to my wrought iron head bored pushing my little heart out. Man did I forget how it felt to have a baby out of the water, night and day people! I have to say it was awful. Yes I feel bad saying that, but after you have a water birth, you never want to birth on land again and for good reason. Dad still got to catch though, so he was happy! I yelled out, there at the end as I always do, yes I am a yeller when they are coming out.
 I turned around and saw my precious little blessing. i was surprised to see such a dark haired little girl. We had little toe headed blondies usually. I mean if I had her at the hospital I would have denied she was mine, oops. I did bleed more than usual, and we questioned if I possibly had a partial abruptionok with allowing Jamie's step dad to cut the cord. I was very fond of him and he is such a sweet loving kind man. he was ecstatic. He was shaking so badly he could hardly hold the scissors in his hands.
  After an entire day of labor my baby was finally here (11:07 am) with us a week early. She was a healthy 8lb 8 oz (same as Gala) and 20.5 inches long.
  I can look back now and in the beginning of my pregnancy in my left side I had some discomfort. However I did have an u/s and nothing was discovered so I don't know if it was related to my awful pain I had at Walmart. I also ended up with a terrible UTI that I treated with D mannose.
  What I learned-that I will not call anyone until I know that it is time. About an hour and half before baby arrives. Because I am ok with it just being Jamie & I with God by our sides when our baby comes, if that is, if He decides to bless us again.

  It has now been a year since that day. I am not pregnant (haven't even started cycling) I am still nursing and co-sleeping with my daughter who does not sleep well, still. She only has two bottom teeth and is not yet walking on her own. And I am ok with that. I could not imagine our family without my beautiful Syhven Jaklyn We are truly blessed. Happy Birthday Syhven!
                                  (my crazy super cute, super sweet birthday girl)                               



  1. Oh, I SO enjoyed reading that!! I love when I get to read other's birth stories. I hear you on the water birth vs. not. My first three where all "land" births and my last was a water. I was blown away by how different it was. I'm determined I will always do water again if I have more even if I have to climb in a fountain somwhere (just kidding). Syhven is just beautiful!