Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy 10 Years Jamie Allen, I Love You

  This morning at approximately I am awoken by scurrying little feet and hushed whispers of 5 little children. Why didn't I tell them all to go back to bed at such an awful hour...It is momma & daddy's 10th anniversary! Most years our children enjoy "surprising" us with breakfast in bed. This year, however I knew (sshhhhh) that they had made a poster. So I'm laying there thinking they will hang the poster and go back to bed. No way, when my kids do something they like to go all out. About 6:30 we were, hmm well we will say we were awoken ;-) by soft music playing and breakfast being brought in to us by 5 beautifully excited children! Our living being all decked out in decorations as well. This could have went very differently. I certainly was not hoping to be woke up at 4am, but if my children are willing t sacrifice their sleep for me and their dad, I see the loving kindness in that, who am I to say no. I thought it was so sweet. No matter how tired we all are going to be the rest of the day.
 Once upon a Time there were two people, who came together and fell madly in love with one another.

            (yes that's me with the spikey do)
These two people had alot to over come to be together. They had family who were not looking favorably on their union, they had children that would need to be adjusted into a blended family. Young yes but even still. Their love took them to a land far away from the young girls family. This was hard on all of them, but well worth it. As long as the two were together that is all that mattered.
    (Summer in Virginia)
The couple learned alot about one another. And the young girl, almost overnight had to learn how to be a mother to three and how to run a real household. She flourished!  The young couple could wait no longer. They had to be wed.
          (what a happy happy time)
The wedding was small and very intimate. There were just a few family members. Although the children were dressed for a wedding they were not an actual part in the ceremony, for only the young couple were. The girl was so moved by emotion she knew not how she was able to get through her vows, tears coming from her eyes, shaky voice, but she made it through.
 (it rained that day, only during the actual ceremony, which is said to be a good omen)
Since the wedding the couple have been through so much together. Such as the pregnancy and birth of four wonderful children.

    (expecting our first together and the last to be had at a hospital, homebirths were in their future)
Sending the children away to a school bared to much on the couple. So after just a few short years, they decided homeschooling was for them.
   (Blixon was the last to attend a public Kindergarten)
The suffered great loss, when the girl miscarried their fifth child, yet grew tremendously in the Lord)

  (our fifth child is awaiting us in Heaven with our Heavenly Father)
The couple also went through a great deal of struggles in their relationship, from addiction, to separations to divorce threats and family problems. However with fighting for one another and their love, with the help of God, they managed to pull through. The young man even gave his life over to the Lord.
   (the man became a born again Christian, after many years of praying)
They spent a great deal together with their children As family was a top priority to them both. There were a few times they even got to go on small trips together as a family.
         (first big trip, to King Island)
(they even had a great time dressing up and traveling to a Renaissance Festival with the children)
 They went through cancer with a child and a miraculous healing from the Great Physician, our Heavenly Father. The girl had surgeries, the man never left her side  and was very loving.
       (traveled to North Carolina to have a tubal reversal)
They went through baby dedications and baptisms of four of their children. Everyday life. Time passed and the two grew as did their family. They grew as individuals and as a couple as well. They coached upward basketball and showed team spirit as the children discovered what they enjoyed participating in as well. They moved once again and went from city life to rural Ohio farm living. Once again these two only grew closer together as one. They were able to take the trip of a lifetime...
  (For their eighth anniversary they went to Florida, with their six children)
 Today, today is ten years to the day that this couple wed. Throughout these ten years there were ups and downs, but through it all, they stayed in love with one another. They defied the odds and provedmany wrong. With God, they are looking forward to many many years to come.
   Happy 10 Year Anniversary My Dearly Beloved


  1. This is by far the best blog as yet , it really moved me, I am so very happy for the nine of you
    and very proud to have such a wonderful son join my family ( Jamie ) and 9 beautiful grand children
    wishing you two a wonderfully Blessed day and life
    Love You

    1. thank you mother but were are not to nine yet, lol, thats how many are here.+ our heaven baby) I love you so much mom. I am very happy to know that you love Jamie so much. He is a better man than any of us knew :-)

  2. Happy anniversary. I hope your day is all you desire it to be. We love you guys so much. Kisses and hugs to you both.

  3. Happy anniversary. I hope your day is all you desire it to be. We love you guys so much. Kisses and hugs to you both.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! Very sweet story - and I think your kids must love you very much to have gone to that much trouble to make your day special. :-)


  5. So sweet! happy anniversary! Thanks for stopping by my blog...following you back :)

  6. thank you so much ladies, My kids are the greatest :-)

  7. My hubby and I have 3 kiddos and will be celebrating 5 years this summer : ) Happy anniversary.