Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kidding Season Has Begun at The Elkins Homestead

I am not certain as to how often I will be posting for about a month or so. I have started back with school with the kids after a very quickly 3 weeks off (I can't stand school-I know I am an awful homeschooling momma) ANyway the exciting new is that our goats have begun to Kid! One of our young goats Pretzel had a beautiful little doeling yesterday out in the woods, yes we had to carry her down the hill with mom Pretzel following close behind. There are several other goats showing signs, so I locked them in about 1 acre area (their barn area) so that I could keep close watch. I am a midwife at heart and have not been able to practice midwifery the past 3 years so I am itching for birth and for now these lovely girls of mine are filling in for human momma's :-) If I didn't have a little one only a year old I would just sit outside and watch them all day. I can't wait for the next birth, I do hope I get to be there for the rest of them.
   post pics soon


  1. Oh, I am just SO excited for you. I understand that feeling you are describing exactly. Birth and new life is just beyond exciting and wonderful!!

  2. What an exciting time at your farm, Tiffany! We are going to have to wait until August for our kids. Sweetpea had some difficulties and lost her tiny twins. :-(

  3. It is super exciting, however now I am even more anxious about the others :-) August might be a good time to have kis, at least it probably wouldn't be raining and it wouldn't be cold. We live in Ohio and we know people tend to breed their doe's to kid in Dec. or Jan. so that their kids can go to the fair for 4-H it is just to cold for us during tht time to want to be having them kid. It is so hard when our animals (a part of our family)die or just have problems in general. I do hope all goes well in August.