Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Wet and Cold Scavenger Hunt

I feel that it is so very important to get the kids outside. Some days are easier than others. I have a couple of girls that it has to organized play or they just don't want to. So whats more fun then a scavenger hunt!
                                                yes that is Jakob giving Alyssa bunny ears
 We had alot of fun looking around for everything on our list. Some needed a little help and that's part of the fun. I think it's great when they get to help one another. It builds bonds and helps with self confidence.

                                               Yes even the cat participated in the hunt ;-)
look at the crazy weather we have here in Ohio. It was crazy enough to freeze a mini water fall, yet warm enough to thaw the ground.

me and Gala teamed up. She did great, but her dress got a little muddy. but that's ok.

                                          Good thing daddy's coat is big. I need a Kowalli.
When we were all finished (it took awhile, due to the rain-we had to go into the cow shelter) we headed back up to the house, with about 10 pounds of mud caked to our boots, but again that's ok, we had fun.
Yep those are my crazy kids, wet and muddy and very happy!
All in all we had a great time as a family, outdoors. It didn't take long and we didn't let the weather ruin our fun. These are the memories I want our children to remember.


  1. I just wake them up, tell them to eat, brush their teeth, make their beds and say "out"

  2. LOL thats to funny. Come summer time I will to ;-)

  3. That sounds like you guys all had tons of fun! I am following back from I linked up via GFC and Networked Blogs. Your G+ link didn't work though. FYI. Have a great weekend!

  4. Scavanger hunts are so fantastic! But I don't know about doing it in the mud. Yikes!

  5. yes it did make things a little more difficut, lol

  6. glad everyone had fun , some times when it's a little more difficult it makes it more fun love ya