Friday, December 23, 2011

Rainy days

  Now that it is CHRISTmas vacation, yes even for most home schooling families, there is a little to much free times for the kiddo's. The worst part is is that it's not even cold enough to snow! I heard that we have had 55" of rain this year. That beats out Seattle by like 20" So here on this farm it is so muddy the kids don't even want to play outside for the 5 minutes it isn't we were able to muck out the barn-completely today that was great. I bet the goats are happy. It always feel good to get the heavy duty stuff out of the way. especially on rainy days and there isn't a whole lot else to do :-)
    I can't stand for the T.V. to be on so what to do what to do. Younger kids are so much easier. We have barbies and baby dolls and dress up and cards ect., but the older kids... I have to break the board games I think. Of course that's a chore in itself because then we have to keep the real little ones away, which is not very easy. We are such a digital world it's ridiculous. Most of the time if it were up to them they would sit in front of the T.V. or the computer. What ever happened to imagination. I mean when they hit 10 or 11 does that go away? We live on 42 acres, we have goats and cats and a cow and each other there really shouldn't be a moment of boredom but here I am wondering myself what they could do. Any suggestions?
        As we speak my daughters are working on a fashion show, sounds good to me :-)

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