Thursday, December 15, 2011

A day in the life of little Ol' me

A day in the life of little Ol' ME

7:00A.M. comes far to quickly in my house. Because I'm co-sleeping I try to get out of bed without waking Syhven, or I try to nurse her back to sleep, usually with no luck. The alarm officially goes off at 7:21. I get dressed, go potty and go wake the kiddo's up. I suit up to go feed and milk the goats.
Our goats happen to be being breed right now so the milk I get from them go to our bull calf, who is no longer being bottle fed on a regular basis, however he gets babied for now because goat milk has a yucky taste while the buck is around.

After the animals are taken care of I head in wash up and make sure the kids are all eating breakfast and dressed. I usually get a carnation instant breakfast (I'm not a big breakfast eater). We do our daily Bible study at the table. At about 9:00 A.M. I head to Curves! Other then my Midwifery training and ministry this is the first time in thirteen years I get to do anything for just me. I got a membership in October.

If its nice out me and the kids go to the track to either walk, jog or roller skate :-) Then we head home for school.

We decided years ago that Home schooling was the route we wanted to go with our children. Have we doubted that decision, have we been tempted to send them back to public school is it hard? You bet it is and we sure have! But we know that it is what God has called us to do so with His grace we keep at it. We wanted to raise our children our way though and not have the "system" raise them. Because if our children went to school then attended after school activities, sports and what not, had friends and then had to do homework when would we get real quality time to spend with them. Now I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, I am not against schools and I do feel that alot of families make it work for them and thats great. But I know our family, personally, when our kids were in school and had soccer and football and cheerleading and swimming and basketball and homework and church, well it was just to much. we spent more time in the car than really together together, plus we wanted them to have a Christian based education. But again I am not against schools, I miss school myself and I think that it of course is needed and I pray for the teachers because they are absolutely amazing people! Something I could never do. Our six year old is actually in school right now because I did not think the curriculum we had for her was strong enough and right now we don't have the money to shop around, also I know and love her teacher, we attend church together so that makes it easy. But we will be bringing her home next year for sure.
    At some point while they are working I get my break to "play" on the computer, usually while nursing my napping seven month old

Then its lunchtime where we enjoy left overs from the night before or almond or cashew butter wraps (we rarely eat bread) some annie crackers and a clif bar. Then its nap time for the toddler and laundry time for mom.
I then usually help out with school or sit down to nurse the baby again. Then Hadassah wakes up and if i don't have Syhven in my arms and sometimes even when I do Hadassah jumps into my arms for her mommy time.

We do get some play time in between things such as sweeping and mopping and snack time, running errands and such.

Come 4:00 P.M. it's chore time for the kids and I like to over see that, or keep them on track. When we first started having the kids do chores I felt guilty about not doing it myself, however I have since then realized I was looking at it all wrong. Not only are we to raise our children to become well rounded adults and capable of making it on their own. If they never have to do chores or learn how to do laundry, or wipe down walls or do the dishes or set the table or even clean the toilet then I feel like I would have failed because they would either not know how to do those things or find it very hard to get into a routine of doing such things. Also I'm not going to lie it does help me out. We have seven children and if I am to spend time with all of them and keep up then it is nice to have a little bit of help. I often will do their chore for them and yes it will go unnoticed, but thats ok because I only did it to help out not for affermation. My phone is set will all kinds of timers/alarms to keep me on track and 5 is start dinner, which is usually always done with Syhven in arms.

         (and no I have never let her get splashed on or burnt or anything of the such) After dinner it is a mixture of showering, teeth brushing (some days back to church) cleaning up bedrooms and family time in general. 9:00P.M.and it is bedtime. However there are several nights other than family fun night that they don't exactly make it to bed at that time.

Some days are so busy some of the kids konk out right on the couch and dad has to carry them to bed. We take them to bed hug and kiss them and tell them we love them. Gala usually ends up in Havens bed soon there after, and Hadassah in Blixon's. I'm guessing this comes from the fact that we co-sleep and this carries over into toddlerhood and more. They don't seem to mind so we don't push the issue. then it's mommy and daddy time. We wil either get done any unfinished businnes done or sit down for a or something while I nurse Syhven to sleep. We usually head to bed around 11:00P.M. or so.
   All of that being said I do not know how working mothers get all the things done they need to get done, but I also that stay at home moms are just as busy, only doing different things. Kudos to all of you working mothers. I do however feel very blessed that I am able to stay at home with my children. I hope you enjoyed the honest look into my life.

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