Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My House is Loud

 My house is loud! We are busy. We play, we sing we yell & we occasionally cry. We all are emotional people in my family. That does not mean that my kids can't be a little backwards when they are around new people. Just let them get to know you, they'll open right up.
  There are some people (family) included that do not like when my kids are loud, but it's just who they are. I mean when they have so many to compete with, one learns to talk loud. There are times when I wish things were quieter. However my children know if mom says turn it down that means now! They are not complete wild and out of control children, but they are children. I want them to play and yell and sing and have fun now. I think to many adults have forgotten how to do this.
  Some day my kids will be grown. They will be well mannered civilized ;-) polite people, but for now, when its appropriate, right place right time kind of thing they are allowed to let loose. I want them to look back and remember how crazy we all were playing games together and how we would all yell in excitement over a great thing together, how we would turn up the radio and dance until we fell down laughing. I want those to be the things they look back on, when they are all grown up & boring old adults.
   I have seven children and yes I do have quiet moments in my house but for the most part is is more like an organized chaotic loud fun house. And I would not have it any other way!

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