Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 I wonder how many people are just about ready for CHRISTmas to be over already? I know some people who start before Thanksgiving! Getting decorations up, sending out cards shopping (normally my favorite part) all before December rolls around.I'll admit I love seeing houses all lite up and cards are nice, at least we are thought of right. Shopping, oh don't get me started on shopping. I love to shop, it doesn't have to be for me or for my kids, I love to shop for other people I even love to shop for groceries! This should be my favorite time of year. Well this year it's pretty hard so shopping is not exactly top priority. I think that was a blessing in disguise.
   CHRISTmas has been turned into an "economical" event rather than a celebration of the virgin birth. Which I used to be one of those moms who went way over board and bought  to many things for the kids because it was fun. It was fun to buy and it was fun to give. Sure I told the kids after Jakob was in Kindergarten Santa was not still around. Afterall there once was a man named Saint Nicholis who first gave bread to the poor, then years after gave small gifts. It was still fun. Sure our kids still watch the Grinch and the Santa Claus movies, but I don't want that to be their focus. Several years ago while I was in my midwifery training another midwife told me her daughter only gave her children three gifts, as baby Jesus got three gifts. I loved this idea. This year I am finally accomplishing my goal of sticking with only three gifts.
   Three years ago Blixon wanted to watch The Nativity Story on CHRISTmas  eve. I loved that idea. So every year we watch The Nativity Story on CHRISTmas eve. Usually after they all fall asleep I put their gifts under the tree, we chose and cut down ourselves and get all gitty with excitement for what the next morning will bring.
   We had usually bought prepackaged donuts earlier in the week as a big treat for a quick breakfast. We then gather around the tree and I read the nativity story from the Bible before we touch a single gift. We pass one at a time and watch one another as the gifts are opened. The kids soon disappear with their new found fun and if we are lucky we get to stay at home, nice and cozy watching CHRISTmas movies.
  Every year I do hope we can hold strong to some of the traditions Jamie and I are starting, such as the movie, the bible reading and the time spent with one another. The most important...to remember that CHRISTmas is not about, shopping, Santa Clause, gifts and cards or even lights and trees. CHRISTmas is about LOVE, the love of our Holy Father God, who blessed us so when He so lovingly placed Jesus in Mary's womb, the birth of the Son of God the Son of man, our Redeemer, our Saviour Jesus Christ! That's what I want our family to be excited for, to be celebrating that birth. Happy Birthday Jesus we the Elkins Family love you.

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