Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We are not going without, and it is not just about weight loss!

   There is something so cute about a two year old asking for quinoa (pronounced keen-wah).  People keep complimenting me on my weight loss, which yes is flattering, but very odd for me. But I wish that more people would realize that we did not change our eating habits, honestly my goal was 145, I never dreamed I would weigh 122. We changed our eating habits to be healthy. Being overweight might not be pleasant, but it seems to be mildly acceptable these days. So when we talk about being grain free and sugar free, people react as if that would be hard for them and simply not worth it just to loose weight. I dare to say some (stress SOME) people would rather have surgery then change what they are eating.
  What they are missing though, is that we are not eating more healthy to loose weight, we are eating healthy to be healthy! I mean I can do squats again, and easily, not pushing myself up while groaning. I just can't understand when people will talk about disease and illnesses that they or their family are suffering from, yet the strictly rely on Dr.s to heal them. Why not let your body heal itself, or, better yet, why not do all that's in your power not to get sick in the first place? 
  So rather then focusing on what you can't have focus on what you can...
snicker doodle cupcakes with meringue

chocolate chocolate pie with fresh whipped cream

and a quick lunch or snack, apples, almond butter prunes and pecans!
Now with sharing that, it is not as if we are going without. And the benefits are so worth it. A long healthy life!

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