Friday, January 10, 2014

Baby Led Weaning, or Solid Starting at Least

I have always wanted to make it to a full year exclusively breastfeeding. However I never make it a full year without letting our little ones begin to eat solids. I usually give baby food, organic but still baby food. This time, with number eight I decided to skip the whole baby food mess. I was ale to hold her off until eight months before letting her begin tasting things. She LOVES solids. Not that she gets our food everyday, but boy she loves it when she does.
I am still providing her her main staple, breast milk. However she is allowed to try anything that isn't hard or needs a lot of chewing, so no steak.
I figure if she can pick it up, and it makes it to her mouth, why not. She has not had any digestive issues, she actually is filling her diaper more often. Which I know is due to the fact many babies use all of mama's milk, leaving no left overs to come out.
I will never buy baby food again though. We eat very healthy in my opinion, and because I am waiting until she is ready, practically begging for solids, I think this is the perfect way for children to start solids. We of course started with things such as avocado's and butternut squash soups and easy things, but I think she could do much more. I only wish I could have figured this out years ago. I highly recommend baby led weaning. And by weaning I mean starting solids, not weaning off breastfeeding. of course.


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  1. We wait. Thelin hasn't started solids yet. I do recommend the baby food mills to easily turn your meal into baby food.