Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Baby Bed Ever Made

I am a cosleeper through and through. I have slept with all of my children. However, I have also always had a bed or own, to be put in each night. That way my husband and I canhave a few minutes to cuddle. In the past, we have tried several different ways of doing this. From cribs, to swings to the amby to a bassinet. It seemed though, more often then not, I would go to lay them down and they would wake right up. It wad a rare night if we would get more than 5 minutes if any at all. I had tried swaddling,  wrapping in one of my shirts, and I always made sure they were in a deep sleep. Still they would wake right up. Until the Baby Cradle Crib Hammock!

sorry it was at night so the picture is the best.
I know I shared on this Hammock about a year ago, but I had to again because it is working out so well for us. We love it! My husband said that he would like one for us :-) Orchid can be put in her Hammock each night and tends to sleep for a couple of hours every night! That may not seem like much but it is huge for us. Also if I weren't so lazy (just trying to be honest) I feel I could put her back to bed in the Hammock if I wanted and she would sleep longer.
And a very cool aspect Is that there is all of that open space below it and it is easily moveable. It hangs from the ceiling.
so if we wanted we could easily move the hammock from room to room.
Our older girls even enjoy getting in the hammock.
I highly reccomend the Baby Cradle Hammock. 
You can find them on ebay Here


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