Monday, July 29, 2013

Rumpkinz Charm Pads Mama Cloth

  When I first heard about"mama cloth" or cloth pads, my first thought was, no thank you. A few years later, I was reading an article on mama cloth. I thought because I had been using a chlorine free pad that was good enough. But everywhere I turned in the "green" world, I kept reading about how great they are. So I will be honest, I wasn't entirely sold on the idea, however I wanted to try them. After all I have been using cloth diapers for years.
  I tried a big named brand, a not so big name brand and I made a couple of my own, boy I will tell you, a seamstress I am not!
  Rumpkinz Charm Pads reached out and offered one of their new Charm Pads for review. I was thrilled when I received my Charm Pads Cloth Pad. It was so pretty, even my daughters commented.  We have 2 teen girls so they also took part in this review. We all thought the Rumpkinz Charm Pads was almost to cute to use. We were all afraid of staining.  But I am happy to report after several uses, it is as pretty as when we first received it.
What woman or teen wouldn't want to spoil themselves with a "pretty" during her cycle.
The length and width of the Rumpkinz Charm Pads Is perfect. With the big name brand i had previously tried they were all far to short and would cause leakage off the back end onto our panties. The homemade pads I made were so long my daughters said they felt like they were wearing a diaper, ha I told you I was not a seamstress.
I thought when I first brought up the idea of changing over to cloth pads
my daughters would not want to either, cleaning and wet bags and all. But they were both all for it. Especially after using the Charm Pads. It is so absorbent, perfect length and super cute. I would recommend Rumpkinz Charm Pads to a seasoned cloth wearing mama or to a mother first introducing cloth pads to their daughters. After all they are so much better for all of us women, and the environment as well.

Rumpkinz Charm Pads has so graciously offered you a chance to one of their awesome Charm Pads when they reach 200 likes on their Facebook Page so head on over Like their page and share about the giveaway by sharing their photo and posting "liked & shared" :-) Super Easy Good Luck

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