Monday, April 22, 2013

Mama's Got a Brand New Babe Vespa & The Ladybird Belly Wrap Review

            Mama's Got a Brand New Babe
I want to start by congratulating you on either your pregnancy or your new little blessing, either way I am so glad you found me and our giveaway event! You will be able to read several reviews on products that are wonderful to have right after baby. Then you can enter to win all of these amazing products, with that being said here goes...
  So most of us mama's know that after we have a baby it is so hard to get our tummy back to being flat, if not nearly impossible. A friend asked me what I thought about Post Pregnancy Belly Wraps. To be honest I didn't know much about them, so I went on a mission to find out all about them. On my quest I met an amazingly kind woman named Kim, from Vespa & The Ladybird, who has a real heart for women. I knew instantly, not just from the other positive reviews on Vespa & The Ladybird, but from Kim herself, that Vespa & The Ladybird was the Belly Wrap I had to have!
 Many Midwives and Dr.s alike would recommend a Belly Wrap, and you really can't get any better then Vespa & The Ladybird. They have several different sizes,  2 colors to choose from (nude or black) and you can choose a classic belly wrap  or a plush belly wrap.
 Wearing a post pregnancy belly wrap can help your recovery in several ways. It helps your uterus back into place, it helps tighten your abdominal muscles, it help with posture and helps support your low back. You can take advantage of a belly wrap whether you birth naturally or have a C-Section, in which case the Vespa & The Ladybird can assist in muscle separation.

 I put my Vespa & The Ladybird Plush Belly Wrap on 24 hours after delivery. I immediately noticed how  it actually made my tummy feel better then it had been feeling, a surprise benefit. Within a few days, my children were commenting on how skinny (now I wouldn't have used that word ;-) but they did) and I noticed how flat my tummy looked, even after taking the wrap off at bedtime. Now this is not my first baby, and I have struggled with a "poofy" belly with several of the kids. I only wish I would have had a Vespa & The Ladybird Belly Wrap with each one of them. It is working so well it has only been 18 days and I have my belly wrap on as snug as it will go. I am going to have to purchase a smaller one!
                  My tummy less then a week after giving birth. This picture does not give the improvements justice.

Within just a few days I was back in my pre-pregnancy clothing, even panties! I was amazed. I will never go without my Vespa & The Ladybird Belly Wrap ever again. I highly recommend having on to each and every mama & mama to be!
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