Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mama's Got a Brand New Babe Majama's Nursing Bra Review

                              Mama's Got a Brand New Babe
  I want to start by congratulating you on either your pregnancy or your new little blessing, either way I am so glad you found me and our giveaway event! You will be able to read several reviews on products that are wonderful to have right after baby. Then you can enter to win all of these amazing products, with that being said here goes...
  Nursing is one of the few things I know is not an option and something I look forward to with each of my pregnancies. It is such a wonderful experience to bless my child with my milk. Being a green kind of mama, I am also saving a lot of money, and I know that she/he will be getting whats best for her and what God intended her/him to have. It is such a wonderful bonding experience as well.
 Majama's, has made nursing so much easier with their nursing products, from nursing bra's, to nursing cami's to their cozy dresses! Their nursing products are cute and affordable. Majama's tops and dresses are items that you would want to continue to wear long after you are no longer nursing, they are that cute. Did I mention they are 100% made in the U.S.A. Yay for Majama's
 A necessity for me, is certainly nursing bra's. With my first, I tried to nurse in regular bra's, however this not only was uncomfortable, but just about impossible. So I started shopping around for nursing bra's. Many babies later I was so thankful I was able to find Majama's.
 Majama's was gracious enough to send me an Organic Sporty Bra in royal blue (removeable padding) . Majama's let me choose my style and color. I have had other brands of sporty styled bra's and I will be honest, I couldn't stand them. Either they were way to tight on me (even if I ordered a size up) or else if they were the criss cross my breasts (not large by any means) would practically fall out of one side. So I thought, what better way to truly put Majama's to the test then trying a Sporty Bra.
Majama's sent me this Organic Sporty Bra, and they also included a mesh laundry bag (which they do on every order if you order direct from Majama's website rather then another retailer)
So after washing, I was excited to give this sporty bra a try. I have to say, I was extremely impressed! I wore it all day, and the next. Not only is it very easy to pull aside to nurse in, when you are not nursing, the Majama's sporty bra stays in place, no slipping out! WooHoo. Also I ordered the correct size, no sizing up needed with Majama's. Even after a full day, my chest (below my breasts) was not sore at all, I had not felt like it was to tight at all. It was completely comfortable.  Now typically, even with my regular bra's by the end of the night, I notice the straps are tight on my shoulders. However with Majama's Sporty Bra again, no tightness at all, no lines, no soreness, no slipping, just absolute comfort and ease with stability as well. You do have the obvious downside of every sports bra, the straps often peeking out of your top, that being said. I have been so extremely satisfied with this bra, I would have to say, it is my favorite bra I have ever had, probably in my entire life. Nursing or not! This nursing mama of 8 highly recommends Majama's!
Majama's has so graciously offered a discount code to all of my readers
momma15 enter it at check out and receive 15% of any order $50 or over, thanks Majama's.
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 I have received the product mentioned above in this review free of charge for the sole purpose of a review on My Sippy Runneth Over. However as always my review of this product is 100% my own, all opinions are honest and mine alone unless otherwise stated.

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