Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It is Almost Time For Baby

 It is almost time. I have been having several signs pointing to baby's arrival. I do tend to go over, but hey I am 39 weeks now, so it can't be to much longer right? I have everything, that I can prepared. I at first was hoping baby would come at night. However with Syhven (who just turned 2) waking often throughout the night, wanting me, I hope it is a day birth. That way she can be tended to by my older girls. I am still concerned with a nighttime ritual, because of Syhvens nighttime issues. Daddy has tried his hardest to get her comfortable with cuddling in his arms, but she is to much of a mommies girl. I am certain the Lord with work this out. For now, I will just ask for prayers and well wishes from all of you lovelies. Have a great week and I hope to update soon with some exciting news!


  1. I cant wait to meet your new little baby. yay im so happy for you guys : )

  2. SOOO excited for you. Praying everything goes smoothly for you :-)

  3. Wow! So exciting! Praying fir you all!