Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pink Blush Maternity, Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event

Pink Blush Maternity is a very Trendy Maternity Clothing Company. Lets face it, maternity clothing has come a long way since our mothers were stuck in those awful moomoos. Maternity Clothing is a huge business and why not? Pregnant women are so beautiful, why not show off that bueaty, rather than try to hide it. Matter fact I think I may enjoy my Maternity Clothing more than my Non-Maternity Clothing. Pink Blush Maternity offers a wide assortment of Maternity Clothing, from trendy jeans & sweaters or tee's to evening dresses!
I don't want to wear boring clothing just because I am pregnant. I don't want to have change who I am and what I enjoy wearing just because I am expecting. With Pink Blush Maternity I don't have to!
I enjoy wearing fun and sometimes funky clothing. Maternity Cloths are no different, I want to have fun with my pregnancy, including my clothing.
As soon as I saw Pink Blush Maternity, I fell in love with their clothing. This maxi skirt caught my eye immediately. When I received my skirt I was a little worried that it would be to tight, it looked awfully small. I went ahead and washed it and tried it on straight from the dryer. Not only did it fit, but it is one of the most soft, and comfortable skirt I own. It is a thinner material, but it does keep my legs warm (however I feel in the spring or summer it wouldn't be hot) and you can not see through it, so it is perfect. I could have either rolled the belly down or left it up, like I like, so that was nice to. I wore it to a Thirty~One  Spring Premiere at a very popular and large Mall in the City, and I received several compliments from a wide range of women.

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Stay Tuned For The Pink Blush Maternity Giveaway When the Pampered Preggie Giveaway Goes Live January 18th!


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