Thursday, July 26, 2012

San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow Review/Giveaway

 I am a breastfeeding advocate through and through. When our fifth was an infant I actually became a La Leche League Leader, for our local chapter. As most of us know, nursing isn't always easy. Latch is the number one issue new mothers and experienced mothers alike suffer with. In my experience, one of the reasons for this, is how momma's are holding their new little precious baby. I have seen mothers bending down trying to take the breast to the baby, I have seen the baby rolling inward on certain nursing pillows, to where the baby was facing momma's belly button rather than breast. I have seen momma's propping with pillows, but it just  not quit working out. I myself have tried several different nursing pillows over the years. Some I liked some I very much disliked (yes momma's name brand even) Then I was introduced to the San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow! This is the nursing pillow every mother should own. I think Midwives and hospitals should give them to new mothers. There is nothing like the San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow.  A totally Green Eco Friendly Nursing Pillow.

               front package
                                    back package

 The San Diego Bebe Eco-Nursing Pillow has to be the best nursing pillow I have ever used. It is extremely comfortable, and easy to use. it even comes with an optional covering, built right in. It Velcro's to the front and you wear it up around your neck. No way baby can tug this aside. I love that, for either new nursing mothers, modest nursing mothers, or mothers who are somewhere more public such as church.
                                                or without the cover
                                            you can tuck this up all nice and pretty and you wouldn't even notice it was there, I just didn't do this time. It also has a small pillow for your back. This is a lifesaver. I have had nursing pillows that had this before, only they were attached to the pillow itself and couldn't be moved for comfort. The San Diego Eco Nursing Pillow's small back pillow is velcro'd on so you can remove it and place it anywhere that best suits you for personal comfort. I LOVE this!
                                 notice I like mine halfway up my back, other nursing pillows, claiming to have back support weer just uncomfortable for me.            The San Diego Eco Nursing Pillow also helps us mom's who let our little ones sleep on our laps after falling asleep nursing. I mean holding a little one can really get uncomfortable after a short amount of time. Not with this nursing pillow for support.
                    I could even support my workbook while Syhven sleeps peacefully.

  The San Diego Eco Nursing Pillow is completely innovative. Not only all of the very cool things listed below, but also you can purchase a Nursing Pillow for a single baby or one made for twins, how cool is that?
                Features and Benefits

1.Designed GREEN for your baby's future
Made of 100% virgin polyfiber. Hypo-allergenic, non-toxic, non-flammable and recyclable. Odor-free, glue-free, foam-free, lead-free and Phthalate-free.
2.Signature Privacy Cover
Complete discretion while nursing! Lightweight mesh allows continuous airflow, and stores inside its own pocket when not in use. Easily detachable for quick machine wash-and-dry.
3.Signature Comfort Bolster
Complete perimeter bolster provides extraordinary support and comfort, surrounding your baby in soft, reassuring security. Extra piece of mind for mom, too.
4.Superior Surface Design
Patented angled surface design positions baby's head and body towards mother's breast, encouraging proper positioning, latch, suckle and swallow.
5.Detachable Back Pillow
Positionable anywhere along mother's spine for optimum posture and comfort, helping to relieve back, shoulder and neck strain.
6.Comfortable Fit up to 52" Waist
Adjustable waist strap with Quiet-Squeeze™ buckle keeps pillow secure.
7.Luxe Fabrics & Chic Colors
High-quality fabric covers are removable for machine wash-and-dry. Wrinkle-free and lead-free (no zippers or snaps).
8.Convenient Dual Pockets
Elasticized "Bottle Holsters" on one side of pillow, second pocket for remote or cell phone on the other side. Holds everything necessary within close reach.
(Taken from The Double Blessings website with permission)

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There is no other Nursing Pillow Like the San Diego Eco Nursing Pillow. I have never been happier with a nursing tool, than with this nursing pillow! This is my go-to gift for all new mothers from now on! I know that you will be just as happy with your San Diego Eco Nursing Pillow as I am! To purchase the most amazing Nursing Pillows ever, just check out their website here.
San Diego Eco Nursing Pillow   has so graciously offered one lucky reader a chance to win one of their Fabulous Nursing Pillows.

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  1. This does sound nice! I still am wrapping my brain around the fact that I am being blessed with another baby to nurse this winter! This is #5 for us. I used a second hand boppy with my first, as more babies came and life got busier, I typicall just grabbed a couch pillow or bed pillow for nursing, whatever was handiest. :)

  2. Awesome it has back support!!

  3. I really want one Of these!! They look so comfortable. I use a pillow and it is very uncomfortable and causes back pain all the time.

  4. This looks awesome! I like that it has a back support pillow too! My back is bad enough as it is.

  5. I love that this has a built in cover! I have a brest friend, but when my daughter was small she would rip the cover away since it wasn't attached! This would be great for when our new little one arrives!

  6. I love all the neat features

  7. i love the look of it. i love my boppy for sophia but it tends to slide off especially if rocking in my chair. though i dont know bout the strap i didnt like the ones where they strap around you too constricting.

  8. This is such a cool pillow! I do love my boppy, but this looks even better and I love the back pillow! I feel as my little one gets older the bobby will not work as well, and this one looks like it does great holding a toddler!

  9. This looks so cool. Boppy just didn't work well with this little one and now that she's almost 25 lbs, my arms get tired! =]

  10. I would love to try this! I've just about given up on nursing pillows. As I type this I'm using a pillow & the arm of the couch to prop up my LO which is killing my back after his marathon nursing session. :)

  11. This looks so comfortable! Both for mom and baby :)

  12. I really want one of these pillows, I am a big girl, and most pillows do not fit around me, but this one will!

  13. would love one of these for my daughter in law who is about to give birth

  14. I love that it has such wonderful back support

  15. This seems like it is FANTASTIC! It seems like it would help with my back aches too! :)

  16. This thing looks like the Cadillac of nursing pillows! My favorite feature is that it is flat and comes right up to the body -- my babies tend to slid between our nursing pillow and my body, not the best positioning :/

  17. i love how tall this pillow is...i have a long torso and the boppy pillow is no where near tall/thick enough to get baby in optimal position.