Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Summer Has Been Flying By

  This summer has been so very busy! I have been neglectful, to so many different things. From my Blog, to my bible studies, to our typical summer school fun things. Yet it doesn't seem like we have gotten much more accomplished. Yes we have done several different things that were fun, such as a
                                                                   boat rides,         

                             birthday parties,

                                                      pool parties,
4-H and water balloon fights (the children's favorite thing to do) My oldest two children have helped dad alot (mostly Haven, daddy was so proud he said she could get her nails done! )
with busting out our our basement floor, to fix the drainage problem. Alyssa helped to for a bit as well.
 I started selling Thirty-One as an independent consultant, which I am loving!

 and Vacation Bible School-Hadassah's first year :-)
   So it's not that we have just been sitting around, but...
I am wondering how it became mid-July already. I am truly looking forward to Fall, when everything goes back to usual and we have a schedule again. I need that. Also it's been so hot and dry here, being outside isn't as enjoyable as usual. I do hope that you all are enjoying your summers, maybe you have even gotten to rest a bit :-)


  1. Looks like you guys have been having so much fun!! It has been crazy hot here as well. The heat just makes me want to be lazy. It just dawned on me the other day that our school break is almost over and I have accomplished very little I intended to. There is a part of me that is anxious to get going with school and our "normal days" again but the other part isn't looking forward to all that. I get very burnt out and I don't feel recharged yet for another year of it LOL.

  2. We have had fun! I hear ya, i dont feel recharged with all of the business, but i am ready for a routine.