Monday, July 2, 2012

Ladder Hill Designs Tinkle Time Trainers Review

Ladder Hill Designs is the maker behind Tinkle Time Trainers , which happen to be my daughters favorite trainers! They carry some of the cutest prints out there. And lets face it, little ones would almost always choose a cute printed trainer over a solid color.When it is time for Hadassah to get her trainers on, she always reaches for her Tinkle Time Trainers if they are available. I think not only because they look and feel more like "big kid" panties, then most other brands with the snaps on the sides. I mean snaps are great for poo accidents, but Hadassah notices those snaps and often will say "I don't want them". After all "big kid" panties don't have snaps on the sides. However if you do prefer the side snaps, they carry those as well :-) I just think that every child is different, and you will learn your child's, as well as your own preference.
   Ladder Hill Designs carry Day trainers
     Daytime Trainer "pull-Up" style

These are great Trainers.The inside is lined with cotton velour for the "oops" feeling.  They are very absorbent due to the Sewn in soaker made of Zorb, that's between bamboo fleece. There is also a layer of PUL hidden in there as well, to help keep cloths dry. You can have the choice of leg bands made with cotton or fleece.  Hadassah has those made of fleece and they are so soft. The sides are nice and stretchy, for easy pull ups and downs. If you want you can purchase the Trainers with side snaps, for extra space to grow.
   Hadassah in her Day Tinkle Trainers
  They fit like a dream if you ask me

  As I said Ladder Hill Designs also carry Night Trainers. How cute are these!

             Tinkle Time Night Trainer
This has to be my favorite print on a Trainer I have ever seen! This is Hadassahs favorite as well. She will often want to wear it, even if it is not night time.
Notice the rise is higher, this is for night time comfort, and the leg and waist band are also fleece on these trainers as well. The sides are elastic, for easy ups and downs. The difference here is that they have  a pocket opening in the Tinkle Time Night Trainer so you can either purchase one with inserts, or use those you already have (Chinese newborn prefold size), which allows for errand running, without fear of having to take an extra set of cloths, or night time use.
Or as I said earlier, during the day as well for early learners or those who just love their Ladder Hill Tinkle Trainers and want to wear them all of the time, like my little one. The Night Trainers also have that cotton velour, for the "oops" feelings just like the Day Trainers. And if you prefer snaps, the Night Trainer can come in snaps as well.  I have to tell you, I have a hard time getting these off of her.
Hadassah napping in her Tinkle Time Night Trainers
Ladder Hill Designs also gives you the option of embroidery, for an additional small fee. You can also purchase extra soakers for your Night Trainer.
 Some of my favorite things about these Trainers are the number one Hadassah loves them! Therefore they are more likely to work in her potty training. I love the variety of prints. I love the fact you have the option of snaps or no snaps. I love that there are Day or Night Trainers. And I just love the name Tinkle Time, how cute.
Things I don't so much love, hmm this was hard. I guess if i had to come up with something, I think I would like the leg bands if they were not so thick down her leg. Otherwise I couldn't be happier with a Trainer if I designed it myself.

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