Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our Boat Ride on the Lake

Jamie surprised us with renting a Pontoon boat and taking us out to the lake.

Notice our son is missing, He was staying with his nanny and missed out.

It was nice letting the girls take over steering. It's rare getting to enjoy sitting next to Jamie, we are always, one way or the other.

Haven was a little nervous at first, but did great.
Alyssa had a blast.
Blixon really felt like a big girl when she was at the wheel.
Galal did surprising well. She asked if it was that easy driving a real car :-)
Even Hadassah Got a turn. It was actually very funny, we pulled up on shore and when it was time to go, she ran to the wheel and said "I'm ready to go Daddy"

Hadassah had a blast from start to end.

She had no fears of jumping right in to Daddy.

Syhven however was a different story. She did not like the loud throttle, and she did not like the water!

We searched and searched for the perfect spot for Jamie to jump. This wasn't high enough for him, geesh.

Blixon is taking right after her Daddy, and NO I don't like it ;-)

Syhven finally cheered up and started having fun, pushing my hat down on my face. At one point she even got down and walked around on the boat. We had alot of fun that day. We brought home a couple of clams for the fish tank, they are awesomely neat. I even jumped in, much to my surprise, Jamie talked me into it. I am not usually one for lakes. He was proud of my stepping out of my comfort zone. I can't help it, I just prefer to see what I am swimming in, and whats swimming around me. The girls had fun swimming, they are so brave :-)
    Thanks Jamie for the Fun filled day!