Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love having my children at home.
                                                 (Blixon tends to be my helper, before she starts school)

I love the fact that we are able to homeschool.
                                                  (Alyssa trying to get through so she can run off to knit)

Spending time with each one of them and them with each other is great. I can remember saying to homeschooling families (momma's usually)
                                                    (Gala starting school on her own-I was so proud)
"thats great, not for me but great" or "I could never do that" and now I couldn't imagine it any other way.
(Jakob likes the quiet in his room for school)

When they finish up, they like to learn new things such as knitting and embroidering and they tend to learn this on their own.
(Haven  embroidering-keepers at home book turned her on to it)

All while the younger ones are watching and often like to participate in activities in which they take something away from it as well. Or simply helping momma clean up ;-)
(Hadassah with her Dyson)

Such an honor and blessing it is to have children. The fact that the Lord has entrusted Jamie and I to raise up His children, amazing really! If He has given these children to us to raise then we are going to try our best to raise them for Him. Win them over to Him. We feel the best way to do that is as a family, together. Somedays we all want to scream but we wouldn't have it any other way. 


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  1. Wow, what a great family you have--so warm and cozy! I home schooled my 7 kids until the end of last year. Now I have 8 and have just put the first 5 into public school. I must say, I do miss home schooling them, but have had to put them into school for various reasons. Maybe I'll go back to home schooling later on--who knows? Well, God bless you all!