Thursday, June 20, 2013

With A New Baby, Comes New Things

  Having a new baby has kept me so busy, yet I feel like I don't get much of anything done. Our newest little one is quite finicky. She loves my rocking chair, so when I am not in it, she tends to cry more. Which I am not used to, and frankly it breaks my heart. She is never put down, so if I need to get something done, where I can't hold her my oldest daughter is holding her usually. After 7 older children I am finally learning to ask for and appreciate their help. They have even been helping with potty training one of the little ones, which I am so thankful for.
what I don't want
I never have been one to sit around and do nothing, so this has been somewhat of a challenging time for me. Some days, despite the fact I have already sat around far to much I just feel like enjoying something chocolate.
what I do want
 I can sympathize with mama's of little ones trying to loose weight. I know it can be so difficult. I myself have been trying to stay away from my beloved Alden's and getting to the track to walk for an hour everyday (when it's not raining). My husband asked me why it mattered if I was just going to have more babies. As sweet as that was meant to be, it is so important to me to be healthy. And I so love taking the kids, so they are getting their exercise as well.
Baby Orchid is very different then all of our other babies, and that's ok. She knows what she likes and she isn't afraid to let us know. There are many things that have changed since having our 8th little one, but one of the most treasured times for me is when I am sitting, holding her. Her tummy full and her heart happy.
what I treasure
This beautiful baby girl will have a lot to learn and a lot to experience, as she grows. However I am certain that she will have a lot of big sisters (and a brother) to help teach her the ropes and to love her along the way.
what makes my heart super happy!


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  1. Hi, I'm Kristy from Raising Godly Daughters. I just stumbled upon your sweet blog and liked your FB page. You have a a beautiful family mama. Conratulations on your newest little one! I LOVE the name of your Blog btw! So cute!!