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Mama's Got A Brand New Babe Balboa Nursing Cover Review/Giveaway

                              Mama's Got a Brand New Babe
I want to start by congratulating you on either your pregnancy or your new little blessing, either way I am so glad you found me and our giveaway event! You will be able to read several reviews on products that are wonderful to have right after baby. Then you can enter to win all of these amazing products, with that being said here goes...
Years ago, with my first couple of nursing little ones, I was so uncomfortable nursing around anyone, whether it was at home or out in public. I had problems with latch, pretty much with all my children, so I had to see what I was doing. I would go so far as to sitting out in a hot car, or sitting on the toilet in a public restroom-YUCK! No new mother should experience such embaressements.
Balboa Baby has a wonderful nursing cover that eliviates such embaressements, and lets a seasoned mother as well as the new mother nurse her baby anywhere comfortably. If only had I had known...
With Balboa Baby, you can not only comfortably nurse out in public (or at home for extra modesty) but you can see what your doing, due to the reinforced neckline, that holds the fabric away from baby, so mama can peek in, or baby can see mama's face. it is plenty large enough to cover all of mama, without the fear of showing belly or sides. Also it stays put. I have had much smaller nursing covers that baby just kicks once or moves an arm and out she comes, exposing all of me. I love that Balboa Baby lets me nurse with confidence, that that will not happen, especially in church -eek! An extra little add on I have never seen before is the pocket. It is the perfect size to place a nursing pad (must for me) in to hold still, so that it doesn't slip out and fall on the floor, or in front of everyone. This was so brilliant of Balboa Baby to add this. I love love love it. I know my nursing pad is secure and staying clean.
 I have seen far to many mama's covering up with a thick fleecy or heavy blanket as well. They remove the blanket and baby and mama are all sweaty-ugh. This can not provide a very nice experience. With Balba Baby's nursing cover, you can breath, baby can breath and not be all sweaty and icky. This is very important to me.
nursing while grandparents are here for a visit. 

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