Monday, January 14, 2013

A Little Something For Mama To Be Pampered Preggie Giveaway Event

A Little Something For Mama to Be, a special little gift (for a loved one or yourself, wink wink) is the perfect option to get any expectant mother. After all what better a place to get a pregnant mama a gift from then from Heaven. Earth Mama Angel Baby ships your goodies stamped with a Sent From Heaven mark and boy did my children just LOVE this!
 As this Giveaway Event states, we are in search of ways to Pamper our Preggie Mama's and A Little Something For Mama To Be does exactly that, it even says so right on the packaging, again an adorable aspect to this perfect little combination of yummy goodies.
The packaging is adorable and ever so convenient to sit out and admire. However it is holding the truly wonderful goodies that I am falling in love with in a Big way.
In the A Little Something For Mama To Be is
Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash 1.67oz
Happy Mama Hand to Toe Wash
it is a natural Ginger/Lime castile soap. I love this soap, it is not to over powering and leaves my hands feeling smooth, not all dried out like so many other soaps do. And the scents do not come from some man made concoction, rather from nature, such as fruits.

  Happy Mama Spray 1oz
Happy Mama Spray
I enjoy the smell and I carry it in the car all of the time. You just spritz a little on your wrist and smell it often. Or you can even use it as a body spray.It is such an invigorating scent. It really does do what it is made to do, helps with the queasy feeling most of us suffer from at one time or another during pregnancy, and again natural ingredients.

 Earth Mama Body Butter 2oz
Earth Mama Body Butter
This has to be my favorite Body Butter that I have ever experienced and yes I said experienced. It is so soft, and it smells so good. It leaves my belly feeling so soft for hours. Earth Mama Angel Baby out did themselves on the Earth Mama Body Butter! You can use this body butter on your stretching belly, breasts, and hips.

and Natural Stretch Oil 1ozNatural Stretch Oil
Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Stretch Oil  helps safely soothe itchy, stretching skin on your belly, breasts and hips. Also it is great for perineal massage. I know most are uncomfortable discussing this, but as a Midwife and Homebirthing Mama, this was a wonderful discovery! It can be used during pregnancy, leading up to the birth or also during labor as baby is stretching the perineum. As a Midwife, this will be going in my birth bag from now on. It is a soft oil with a very light scent.

 Organic Morning Wellness Tea2 bags
Last but not least in this wonderful assortment of pampering for Mama's
Organic Morning Wellness Tea helps ease pregnancy nausea any time of day. As many know this pregnancy has been a bit difficult for me in this dept. Certain smells would even make me feel like I was going to get sick. This yummy minty ginger tea works great in helping ease my tummy blues. and I don't have to worry about ingesting caffeine or sprays because it is caffeine free and Organic-yay!
All of these products are Cruelty Free, and have Zero Toxins

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  1. What a nice giveaway! Their products are so lovely. I'll be sure to help promote when it goes live!