Thursday, November 1, 2012

Girls Vs. Boys Are You Content

  We are a larger than normal (not overly large) but large on most standards. We have been blessed with One son, and I am so very thankful that he is the oldest. We then have went on to having six beautiful  girls. I hear that girls are harder all of the time, you know by those people who think you want to hear that ;-) It doesn't really bother me, however I tend to disagree.
  I am not a boyish kind of mother, so I do better with girls than boys. I have often wondered if this is why God has blessed us with so many girls. From our first to our 4th maybe 5th I was always hoping for a boy. However, when I found out it was a girl, I was pleased as well. I then began wanting only girls. I figured I had so many it would just be easier, after all I am a girl, I get my girls.
  We are now expecting our 8th child
                        (no, this is not my belly this time around it is our 5th, I just threw it in)
  I keep telling everyone that I want a girl, we will only have girls. However I find myself secretly longing for another son. But terrified, that it will be harder on our whole family if it is a boy. My husband and his whole family make it no surprise that they are not only wanting, but expecting me to provide them with a male. My husband wants another son, but he claims he will be happy either way. I know that he will, at least be somewhat  disappointed if this baby is a girl. That saddens me, because even though things have been differently this time around, I know its a girl. I just do.
   That being said, it really makes me wonder, how do these women have boys, or girls and boys? I mean biologically I know how, and I know God also knows best. I just find myself wanting to be able to give everyone what they want. I want my husband to have that second son he so lovingly has wanted since our 5th child was born. I know that 1 Timothy 6:6
Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.
 Some may say that verse does not apply, but I feel it does. Children are a blessing, and the love that I find in my children, the hope I have in them, well that makes me feel like the richest, happiest person alive! But will my husband? I want him to feel contentment in our family. He keeps saying that he wants to be done having children. I'll admit, I wonder how serious he is. There are days where I am perfectly content and also ready to move on to the next stage in our lives. But if this little bundle of blessings is a girl, will that change his mind? I wonder. Will I be content with another girl, I mean I do want to make my husband happy. And there are people who almost seem genuinely upset and disappointed that all I keep having are girls. I want to trust in the Lord, that He knows whats best for my family, sometimes it is just hard.

It is extremely hard to complain when you have wonderful children such as I...



  1. I'm a new follower.
    I have six girls and four boys.
    Beautiful blog and family!

  2. all I can say is that the sex of a child comes from the dad so that said I think that you will be happy with either and those who are unhappy will to bad you have a wonderful family and it would be nice for a little boy to be added , like you said children are Blessings from God let NO one cause you to feel bad this is a time to rejoice in the coming of a new little life, "pray" God gives us what we can handle and good for us so give it to God, you will have a healthy beautiful baby no matter girl or boy and they will be loved

  3. Congrats. I'm guessing you don't know what your having judging from your comments in this post. However, it does look like your having a boy with how low the baby is riding. Of course, that's just a theory. :)

    I still say girls are easier. I have two boys and a little girl. My husband disagrees completely. Maybe it's because we can each relate to the other sex more because we are that sex. ;)

    Glad I found you today from the DWP blog hop.

  4. Looks like I've refound you again. :) LOL.. I thought I recognized your blog name. I've been so busy with all of these wonderful blog hops, and haven't checked out my google reader in a while now. Unless I see a post on my Facebook, I don't see a post from your page. :(