Thursday, November 15, 2012

Conscious Box

I recently found this amazing company Conscious Box, I absolutely love it! The idea is such a fun and modern way to new and Eco/Green products. You sign up for a monthly shipment for only $19.95. You will get a box shipped right to your front door, a completely recycled, the label is even BPA free! Inside that box you will find another box.
In this box are all of your fun goodies. And every month there are new products being shipped to your doorstep. You can choose either the Eco-Friendly Box or the Vegan Box. All of the items that come in the Conscious Box, are either made from sustainable materials, organic, vegan, with living tips and to top it off they come with monthly themes, how cute, yes!
 And Conscious Box is trying to introduce different Honest, Ethical Green Companies, which I love, because there are so many "supposed" all natural green companies out there, that are NOT what they say they are. I love that Conscious Box does all of the work finding these spectacular Honest Green Companies for us. You really should read The Conscious Box Mission Statement for yourself.
We choose the Eco-Friendly Box
I opened it up, to find a cute little letter, to me :-) and a beautiful post card I could send out to a family or friend. I peeled back the layer of paper to find an assortment of yummy snacks, tea, a full size deodorant, and tea light candles, oh and vitamin pop rocks, yes you read that right, pop rocks that are actually vitamins!
  It doesn't get better then this. We had such a fun time sampling all of the wonderful products in our Conscious Box
So in our box we received the following:
Crum Creek Mills Soy Nuts,
Teatulia Organic Tea,
Goodlight Natural Candles-6 tea light candles,
Clandestino Banana Bar with Dark Chocolate,
Vita Rocks,
Yummy earth Organic Sucker,
Zarbees All Natural Cough Syrup,
Larabar Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,
Gluten Free BumbleBar Organic Sesame Bar,
RW Garcia Dippers 3 Seed Curry & Mango Dipping Chips,
A Full Size GEODEO Deoderant Stick,
Coupons for Teatulia, Zarbees, Natural Candles, Clandestino Banana Bar, RW Garcia Tortilla Chips, Free Music from!

 All of this in one months Conscious Box. You simply can't ask for more! I know that there are several of products that we just fell in love with, which have made it onto our shopping list.
 Don't miss out on a fun new way to sample great, healthy products each and every month, order your box today!

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