Monday, August 20, 2012

The Newest Addition to Our Family

Welcome Toby....
He is a black lab mix. Occassionaly I check the local shelters doggy page. I just happened to be the other day (despite the fact I did not want a dog, really I didn't) Hadassah crawled up on my lap and saw a small thumbnail of Toby and yelled "my doggy, my doggy, we have to go get my doggy!" It was after all just her birthday and she didn't get alot. My husband was out of town, I thought well why not! Ha I never think things through. I wish I did. I got excited, still not wanting a dog mind you. The next day we bought all of the supplies and went and picked him up.
He is sweet as can be. He is wonderful with the children, besides walking on a leash when he wants to get something. He still needs some work with that. But he is over a year old and he is house broken. The first couple of nights he slept in my room when Jamie wasn't home. But when Jamie did get home, he chose, himself to sleep in his crate with free access to our room. If Syhven wakes up and cries out, he rushes in our room, smells the bed then goes back in and lays down. Again though I did not think things through. Every time he comes in, he tends to bring dusty paw prints on the hardwood floor, which I can not stand. He has slobber hanging from his jowls more often then not. The crate is louder than all get out in the night so he wakes me up a bunch. And he has very dry skin right now, so he itches and bites throughout the night, as if I didn't get woke up enough with all of the bathroom trips and Syhven. Oh well, he is here, he is ours and I do think he is a keeper :-)



  1. He's beautiful and sounds like a wonderful dog. I love shelter dogs!
    Do you have a blanket in the bottom of crate? Maybe that would help muffle some of the noise in the night.

  2. Congrats on getting a family friendly dog even if you hadn't planned on it! Maybe one day he'll protect one of your kids and then you'll know why he had to be a member of your family. God bless!

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, my husband is extremely allergic to cats, and we thought just slightly to dogs. However now my son is sneezing, hubby is sneezing and I have started to a little. Hubby doesnt want an outside dog, so we are trying to adjust since we already have him here and Syhven adores him!