Monday, July 9, 2012

My New Venture With Thirty-One

  I heard about Thirty-One about a year ago. I was invited to a party (I honestly thought it was someones 31st b-day party, haha), but I didn't know the person who invited me, plus she lived a few hours away from me, so I didn't go. Then again, a friend invited me and I did go this time around. I was so happy that I went, I LOVE Thirty-One! I ordered several things and left wanting more. At first I thought, I would host my own party, just have the women selling come to my house. However, by the end of the week, even before I had recieved my stuff, I knew I wanted to sell Thirty-One!  absolutely LOVE all they have to offer! From purses, to bags, to totes, to wallets, to thermals to flat iron cases, to organizers and more.
  I started seeing Thirty-One products around town, and it made me smile. I have never did anything like this before. I never sold anything, and I am a bit nervous, but Thirty-One has such great produts, I think anyone who tries ANY of Thirty-Ones products will definatelly be a returning customer. I mean they come out with new prints and catalog every season.
  Thirty-One has great products to help women like me get organized as well.
                                   (some of the ways to organize with Thirty-One)
Their products have endless possibilities. They could be used from purses to diaper bags, to grocery totes, to sports bags, to beach bags, to storage and more, very versitile. Oh and you can personalize the majority of the bags, I love this! I love having our initials, or last name on my bags. I plan to order some for our kids this soccer season, with their names to carry to the fields. Alot of moms are putting Baby "last name" and using them for diaper bags.
                                          (super cute personalized family bags)
  You can have a Thirty-One party at an individuals house or you can have a Book party, where you just pass out catalogs to friends, or anyone, anytime can get on my website
 and order and get their Amazingly Cool Products shipped right to their door. You can't beat that. And I love that it is a Christian based woman made company, with their home base right here in Ohio. Yet selling all over the world. 
   I am proud to be an independant consultant of Thirty-One. It would be great if you  would check out my site and glimpse through the catalog, and let me know what you think of Thirty-One. If you like their products, you could place an order, or even sign up for my newsletter, that sends out one email a month, letting you know the current monthly specials. Let me know if you also would be interested in a Thirty-One Giveaway. Happy shopping!

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  1. These bags looks super cute will have to check out the site xo