Monday, June 18, 2012

Kissa's Training Pants Review/Giveaway

 So the time has come has start potty trainng Hadassah. Yes I tried several months ago, but I soon gave up, in part because of the types of underwear she was in. You know the type, the thick panties, that really don't hold any type of accident. I kept telling my husband, their needs to be a training pant that she can pull up and down, but will hold in the pee if she does have an accident. So I set out on a quest to find such a thing. While searching I found Kissa's

                        Kissa's  are a pocket trainer made by Kissaluvs.

 Kissa's are waterproof, with a layer of PUL between the outlayer and the inner layer of super soft cotten flannel. They are super easy for Hadassah to pull up and down, yet they also have a snap in case of accidents (number 2) in which case they are easily cleaned. They have an opening in the back to place the insert of your choice for extra absorbancy, if needed. The Kissa's have 2 layers of microfiber sewn in, so for daytime use, I like for Hadassah to wear them without the insert. For naptime use though, you can add the extra inserts and not worry about a wet little one.
I love the cute prints on the cotten fannel inside. Kissa's carry several different prints, for both girls and boys. Including Owl's, Bicycles and Superhero's  and even Dinosaurs.
                                    with 2 microfiber inserts
                                  with 2 microfiber inserts

Some of my favorite things about the Kissa's Training Pants is the fit
without inserts (remember they already have 2 layers of microfiber)
                                     without inserts
I love the prints and how soft the flannel is against her skin.
I love that it is easy for her to pull up and down, like real  big girl panties.
I love how it holds her accidents, so there is not a big mess, yet she feels wet when she does tinkle so that she knows, "hey I don't like it"
I love that they come in 2T or 3T and are adjustable with 2 sets of side snaps.
And the price is great as well, at $14.95 a pair.

I'd say the only  thing, that is not so much my favorite, is the tight squeeze to put the extra inserts in place. I know this is to help keep a trim fit, butI almost thought that my hand was going to get stuck. Plus it is extremely difficult to get a prefold into the pocket and thats what I use most for inserts.
Overall I think that Kissa's Training Pants are a great training pant to help transition a cloth diaper toddler into big girl panties.

   Kissaluvs has been gracious enough to offer this adorable wet bag to one of my lucky readers. After all, even while potty training you need to carry extra training pants and wet bag while on the go.

a Rafflecopter giveaway While I was provided this Kissa's Pocket Training Pant free for review, all opinions and views are my own, as always.

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